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Happiness Project-Playing Zombie Attack With My Kids


This week on the Kahuna Happiness Project,

Last weekend, I ran around a nature preserve while chasing my kids and pretending to be a zombie. It was unbelievably awesome. We were together, we were outside, we were playing, and mamma bear got to do her thing for the play she’s producing. It was the same as going to the park, except, it was in a small forest.

Since we live near the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, we were able to go on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, it was a Fox and me day. Don’t tell MaM, but the Saturday adventure ended up with a shake and ice cream. Sunday, both kids got to be zombie victims. After a poll on Twitter and Facebook, we determined that if it is daytime, these zombies are friendly. If it was spoken on the internet, it must be true. To alleviate his own fear of zombies, The Fox kept telling me I was a friendly zombie.


Spending time and playing with my kids makes me very happy. Getting to see them enjoy the outdoors is an awesome thing thing to watch. Although they keep looking for deer, them screaming as they run away from me scare the the deer away from the kids and I. With my responsibilities at work increasing and the kids getting more involved in extracurricular activities, I need to make the time I spend with them extreme quality time. That mean reducing the time I spend staring at my phone reading status updates and looking at cat pictures. I am not trying to be preachy, this is what I need to do to be happy. If you think I’m a nut for wanting to spend time with my kids, you are more than welcome to. I pray you come to your senses before your kids become adults with their own lives. I want to think that most dads would want to spend time with their families.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being most awesome, on the Kahuna Happiness Scale, playing with my kids at the nature preserve ranked a ten.

Get out and spend some time with your kids. Do it this weekend. You don’t have to plan, your kids just want to spend time with you. Just go with the flow.

As the weather gets warmer, I think I will bring back a feature we had last year on the blog, Parks We Visit and Play At. I just write up a short blurb about the parks we go to and whether or not the kids like them. We may also bring back the “Hot Mom” rating. We’ll have to see about that last one. If this is the one blog post my wife actually reads, we will not have a Hot Mom rating this year.

Take Care and Be Awesome,