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Martin Luther King Jr., National Historic Site


A couple weeks ago, we visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Very moving, I am still trying to process my visit there. Part of me was sickened by the way people were treated, part of me was excited to learn more about peace and non- violent protesting, and part of me was angry that I was not doing more to change my part of the world.


Finding Fonzy in Milwaukee

Fonzy Statue in Milwaukee,WI.
My brother lives in Milwaukee.  While we were up there for the wedding, someone mentioned that there was a statue of Fonzy, from Happy Days, in town. Having grown up with this television show, I had to find this thing. I started asking people and searching the internet.  Surprisingly, this turned up absolutely nothing.  People had heard about it but couldn’t remember exactly where it was located.  The internet provided a little information about the dedication weekend as well as the old/ original statue site. After some Kahuna investigative reporting, I was told that the statue was located somewhere on the River Walk.  That was it. “I think that it is on the river walk that runs through the city.”
I went out exploring early on the wedding day.  On this day an amazing fog had engulfed the city.  The dense fog was still covering the city when we were getting the wedding pictures taken after the mid-afternoon ceremony.  I just happened to look down a walk way that I was driving past and caught a glimpse of the statue.  It was like finding a Milwaukee unicorn.  Once I parked and ran over to the statue I still couldn’t believe it.  I had found the elusive Fonzy statue.
Fonzy Statue in Milwaukee,WI.
Posted are some of the pictures from the day.  In looking back on this day, I don’t think that I could find this statue again.
Take Care.
This is a series that I am working on to try and post once a day based on writing about a photograph that I have taken. I hope you enjoy this and want to hear if you decide to try this as well. Take Care, Kahuna.

Wednesday. December 1st

I got nothing to write today. Still tired from the drive to Chicago and back last night. Drove up there for a celebratory diiner because a friend became engaged over the weekend. It was fun, lots of laughs and making fun of each other. They were a littel surprised to find out I had one of these blog things. I didn’t think that I would be heading up there after returning on Sunday night.

While driving I got an idea for another PSA to post on Kahuna on the Loose hopefully it’s funny when I got to shoot it. I should finish the Black Friday material before I shoot anything else.

Take Care and Happy Hump Day