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Just Dount. A #ThinkKit Prompt

Today’s ThinkKit prompt was to write a mantra for the year ahead, how you’ll approach it, and what you wish it to be. One montra I wrote earlier this year was “Just Donut!”. It’s a combination of two of my favorite things, donuts and not making excuses.
This montra is also meant to make people smile when they hear it. Because let’s face it, you have to be a pretty dark souled person if you don’t smile when someone says the word donut. “Mmmmmmmmmm donuts.” ~ Homer Simpson
When I read social media posts that say “I hope to….” or “I really wish I could……” I will usually respond with just donut. “Don’t think, just do.” ~ Yoda. So many times, we’ve already prepared for the task in our head. I do this a lot too. We get caught on the hardest part of doing something new. Yes, we just need a kick in the ass to start. Once we start, the train is moving and it’s easier to keep the momentum going.
So many people are overcome by the entire project. They can’t see the beginning, the middle, or the end. They see a giant deathstar of a project that needs to be completed or they over analyze the entire project and become hesitant to start because they think they need more time to properly plan.
Next time you are working yourself up before starting a new project. Take a deep breath and just donut.

How To Be Involved In Your Community. A #ThinkKit Prompt

Today is day six of the Think Kit writing project. Yes, it’s a day late. The prompt asked how will you be involved in your community is 2014. Currently, there are two projects worth sharing with you. Both work to build smaller communities to make our community a better place.

The first one is the Kahuna Virtual 5k. This is a quarterly training program geared to get people off the couch and moving. Over the course of the next three months, participants train to run or walk a 5k, 3.1 miles. The beauty of this is it’s free to parcipate and you can do it from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what a participant’s skill level is. Runner, non-runner, walker, or never walked more than the distance of a parking lot at work. Last year, forty people joined us. Some folks had never completed a 5k. Some were trying to set a personal record. Some joined for the socialization. The point is these folks got off the couch and got active while building an exercise community.

Beer and Crayons is a social group for dads. It started earlier this year. The focus is to meet up once a month and hang out with other dads. The primary goal is socialization. The second goal is positive parenting. Chances are any parenting issue you may be having is not that unique. A dad could reach out into this network and seek advice from other fathers who may have experienced similar issues. This group was formed this past summer. Beer and Crayons fills a social void in Indianapolis. I know of one other dads group. This social group helps dads become better parents by using the experiences of others to help them be successful parents. If you would like more information, check the page on Facebook.

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Take care, LKM

A Word To The Wise. Listening To Smart People. A #ThinkKit Post

Today’s #ThinkKit prompt was “What was the wisest decision you made this year?”

The wisest decision I made this year was at the advice of my friend Hazel Walker. Many people know how she is. Yes, that Hazel. She’s like Prince. You can say her first name and everyone know’s who you are talking about.

I ran into H at an event downtown. Just a chance crossing. Every so often, her path crosses my path. We were talking about the future of BgKahuna and where I should take it.I did not know where to go with it. Like all pieces of good advice, you don’t listen to it right away. Why, because we, as a species are very stupid. Even though someone, who has walked in your shoes, has been there we don’t hear the message. We can’t let ourselves listen to the truth. She gave me a lot things to think about. Most of these ideas I was working on at the time and Hazel confirmed them. I felt good because I was on the right track.

I went home and didn’t act on our discussion. Why, because sometimes I’m stupid and stubborn to listen to smart people. Yeah, it happens to all of us. After a couple months, I started thinking about my conversation with Hazel. Why a couple months, did I mention I was Irish and stubborn? Yeah, a great combination. I wasn’t just thinking about what we talked about, I started acting on it. I started down the path of positive living. Using this blog to help others find happiness and the mental strength to overcome anything. I mean ANYTHING. If you follow me on Twitter, you know we can donut!

I am still in the early stages of this transformation. I changed the design of the blog. I am writing and sharing more positive material. I am reading more about psychology and happiness to be able to share that as well. This change has made me a better person and parent. Even though I didn’t hear the advice of a smart person, I was listening to her. Believe it or not, what she said did sink into my thick skull. I just had to move on my terms and pace.

This is part of the ThinkKit 31 Days of Blogging. Every day, bloggers in the challenge receive a writing prompt and blog about it. This program is to inspire daily writing. For more information, check out the ThinkKit website.

What Makes You Happy? A #ThinkKit Post.

The #ThinkKit prompt for today was to take a poll. I went with a topic I want to know more about, what makes people happy. I posted the following question on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and Google +.

What makes you happy?

Frappacinos and good people – Pat D

Besides the low hanging fruit… Kids, family… I enjoy my wood shop where I build things like step ladders so I can grab said low hanging fruit much easier. – David M

Seeing my close friends and family happy makes me happy. Even if things aren’t going my way, it’s all just an afterthought. Roscoe V.D.

Making my family and happy. This is my first year adopting an “Elf on a shelf” and day 2 has already brought tons of laughter. A smile and a laugh shared is so contagious. Kate C.

Listening to Christmas songs, gifts are not important as Pete and I get older, we just want gather with family and have some good laughter Bonnie M.

Making people laugh. Accomplishing things.
And an XL coffee from Dunkin Donuts. – Chris M.

Random Acts of Kindness. While I give them as much as I can, I’m always in awe when I find myself in the receiving end of one. I’m especially caught off guard when it’s a kind word of appreciation from a patient. At the same time, those sometimes make me sad in the fact that I’m almost brought to tears at times. It just shows how rare they’ve seemingly become. Then again, maybe it just means I don’t take them for granted like I used to. Lynn W.

Nothing makes me happy, I just CHOOSE to be Happy Sometimes when I am a Unicorn I feel ultra happy and liberated from day to day routine of being me. Hazel W.

Snow…and books. Beth G.

Being able to be with family and friends and to put smiles on their faces and make them laugh. And using a sharpie on them while sleeping falls in this category!! John K.

Waking up every morning taking a deep breath, looking around seeing how far I’ve come I’m life, my husband and knowing so much more lies ahead Shannon S.

I am happy waking to another day ~ can’t wait to see what each one brings! Shirley R.

Hearing my sons laugh. Rocky W.

Knowing those around me are happy, especially if I played even a tiny role in their happiness. Pamela R.

Realized goals. A few more: helping others, teaching others, walking through downtown Indy, and writing Jason.

beyond bacon, selfies and cat videos? @IndyGator

Family & friends, good health, creative pursuits. and a good cheeseburger. Randy C.

hearing my children and my wife laugh, helping others, time with family, pizza, and watching sports Aaron B.

Free time! Sara M.

Simple things: first snow, a child’s laughter, a quiet run. Abbi A.

Sharing meals with friends. A good book. My daughters. Bill B.

Coming home each night after work to my girls. (I’d be even happier if the cleaned the kitchen ) Shafferb on Instargram

On the four online social, 22 people responded to this informal poll. I was surprised to learn there were almost as many things that made people happy than people making people happy. Some people told me that people and things made them happy. In these situations, both cases were counted. There was a bigger response from Facebook than the other online social networks. Yes, I polled this question on Google+, I’m crazy like that.
Here is the breakdown:
People make them happy – 16 (Family – 10 / Friends – 8)
Things make them happy – 13

Online social networks:
Facebook – 14
Twitter – 5
Instagram – 1
Google+ – 2

So, now that you know what makes other people happy. What makes you happy?

This is part of the ThinkKit 31 Days of Blogging. Every day, bloggers in the challenge receive a writing prompt and blog about it. This program is to inspire daily writing. For more information, check out the ThinkKit website.