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Nothing To Do In Indy – Guest Post – Eagle Creek


A guest post on stuff to do in Indianapolis from my friend Tony Troxell.

So you say that there is nothing to do in Indy, especially when you’re broke, and you have a Geekling who is DESPERATELY looking to get out of the house? Well, here’s something for you.

Ever since we moved to Eagle Creek Apartments, the Geekling loves walking down to “the pond,” which is what she calls Eagle Creek Reservoir.

Yeah, Geeklings have no concept of size.

Since Saturday was a beautiful November day, pushing 70 degrees, I brought her down to the edge of the water for a bit, to let her poke around, throw rocks in the water, and generally burn off steam for what I thought was going to be 20 minutes until she got bored and wanted to come back in and watch “Adventure Time.” To my surprise, we spent the next two hours comparing splashes from little rocks, playing “Does It Float?” with various pieces of nature lying on the bank, and exploring some of the walking trails on our little edge of the Reservoir and Park area. In fact, the only reason we didn’t stay longer was because she was thirsty and had to hit the little girls room. This was 2 hours of quality Daddy/Daughter time, no electronics required, no television, and 200 yards from our back door. If this is what she likes about an old boat launch, I can’t wait to see what she thinks about the actual park.

Find a lake. Throw rocks in it. People love splashing rocks, doesn’t matter if you’re 3 or 35.

There’s always something to do.

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Disclosure:This is a series of posts for people who think there is nothing to do in Indianapolis. I disagree with this notion and believe these folks are not trying hard enough to find things to do with their families. These are events that look like they would be fun to do and I would attend with my family. Unless otherwise stated, I was not asked to post about this event. I was not compensated for posting about the event posted at the top of this page. These opinions are my own. I am just a guy trying to let my kids experience different things. I am also trying to be an Awesome Dad. Will I be at these events? Yes! Can you come up and take a picture with me? Heck yeah! Again, thanks for reading this far into the post.

29SEPT12 Self Portrait – A hot air balloon is slightly larger than my head.


At the Saxony Market in Noblesville. Very cool market. They have live music and free hot air balloon rides. As I type this, the performer is singing Proud Mary. This is the last farmers market of the season. Definitely going to hit this one when they start up next June.