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There’s Nothing To Do In Indy – Upcoming Event- Rumpelstiltskin with @OperaIndy

I saw this post on my friend, @IndyWithKids, Twitter page and I wanted to share it with you because it looks awesome.

Indianapolis Opera has a free Children’s Theatre performance on Sunday!… http://fb.me/1mqURJ2CG

Then I saw this tweet from OperaIndy.

OperaIndy FREE FAMILY EVENT: Central Library Sunday at 3 PM for children’s opera, Rumpelstiltskin: Ultimate Bully presented by @IOEnsemble. CU there!

Who: Indianapolis Opera and the Indy Opera Ensemble

What: A live,theater performance of Rumpelstiltskin: Ultimate Bully

Where: Marion County Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair St.; Indianapolis, IN 46204; 317-275-4100

Why: Because it’s a way for you and your family to experience theater.

When Sunday, November 11th, 2012 @ 3pm

For more information about these and other events:

Indy With Kids

Indianapolis Opera

There is always something to do with your family in Indianapolis.


This is a series of posts for people who think there is nothing to do in Indianapolis. I disagree with this notion and believe these folks are not trying hard enough to find things to do with their families. These are events that look like they would be fun to do and I would attend with my family. Unless otherwise stated, I was not asked to post about this event. I was not compensated for posting about the event posted at the top of this page. These opinions are my own. I am just a guy trying to let my kids experience different things. I am also trying to be an Awesome Dad. Will I be at these events? Yes! Can you come up and take a picture with me? Heck yeah! Again, thanks for reading this far into the post.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words Blog Challenge

I was hit with a bit of knowledge today that I still can’t believe that I have never thought of before.  I hear so many people posting about not know what to blog about.  Then it hit me, if a picture is worth a thousand words, we can blog about that picture. Think about this, every picture tells some sort of story.  Be it trivial and or part of a larger story.  It could be a picture with friends or something totally unrelated. It could even be a picture that you would never see the light of day. The picture is just a snapshot of a narrative you experienced.  The picture may have been taken to remind yourself of the day or something in the picture reminded you of your past. My pictures document my life and the history of my family.  As many of you know, I LOVE to take pictures.

For me, I have to photograph these things that you pay to look through.  They are like mini-telescopes. I don’t know why. Everywhere that I have visited, I have photographed these things.  I really don’t know ( or even care) what their proper name is.  I like them because they remind me of a face.  I could be in New York City on top of the Empire State Building, Niagara Falls, or even the Little Red School House near where I grew up in Chicago.  These one are from the Indianapolis Zoo.  They are located in the Africa exhibit.


My blog challenge is to look through my photographs and try to blog about one of them every day for the rest of the month. I am going to find some picture and write about it to share that story.  Right now, I do not have a theme picked for this.  Just pictures with some sort of a story. 


Who is with me for this challenge?


Take Care and Have a Great Weekend,