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There’s Nothing To Do In Indy #1 – The Monon Trail


The Monon Trial runs from downtown Indianapolis the through Broad Ripple to Carmel and up to Westfield.

Awesome Factor 11/11
-It’s free
-It’s outdoors
-It’s open all year ( even on Easter and Christmas)
-It’s 16.7 miles long UPDATE This number may be off. I think it is longer.
-They let you bring your pet
-You can rollerblade
-You can walk
-You can run
-You can bike
-You can people watch
-There are FourSquare check-ins at almost every intersection
-You can watch rollerbladers fall in slow motion at the exact center of the trail around 96th Street
-You can take pictures of trees with leaves
-You can’t break it
-You can take pictures of trees without leaves
-You can use it with friends(4000 people use it each day)
-You can use it by yourself
-You can post about it on Facebook and your out of area friends will think you’re typing “Moron Trail”

Get out and Be Awesome!



This is a series of posts for people who think there is nothing to do in Indianapolis. I disagree with this notion and believe these folks are not trying hard enough to find things to do with their families. These are events that look like they would be fun to do and I would attend with my family. Unless otherwise stated, I was not asked to post about this event. I was not compensated for posting about the event posted at the top of this page. These opinions are my own. I am just a guy trying to let my kids experience different things. I am also trying to be an Awesome Dad. Will I be at these events? Yes! Can you come up and take a picture with me? Heck yeah! Again, thanks for reading this far into the post.

@BlueMile #BrewMile @DetourIndy w/ @CS_Indy

The start of the Blue Mile #BrewMile

We had a blast at the Blue Mile  Brew Mile event at Detour Indy last night with @CS_Indy, @Da_Rhettster, and @PeteRose82 . The run was to raise money for Back On My Feet. As we were registering, CS and I were asked by a race person( @BlueMile), if one of us was Kahuna.  We thought she was going to kick us out for the jokes we made on twitter before the race about doping up on bacon.

We walked  a half mile south of the restaurant on the Monon Trail.  There was some confusion before the race on where to start.  We were told, correctly, that the start line was a block south of the restaurant.  When we went there, we were the only one’s there and thought the race organizers were giving us fat people a hard time. By making us walk even further than a mile.   They gave away prizes before the race for people who have not run a half mile in the last six months and such.  My favorite award was for the people who’s weight began with a 3.  Another highlight was CS yelling “When you get out of high school and stop working out, you will look like me and Kahuna” to a high school cross country team. I agree with CS, that day will come for them. Our goals for this one mile run were simple, don’t get lost, survive, and don’t get arrested.

The Starting line

MaM loved completing her first organized run even though she was threatened that if she did beat @CS_Indy, she would not get a ride home from the race.  I later found out that CS was given the same threat by his girlfriend.  If he didn’t win, he was walking home.  We were off to a great start running like we were being chased by the police.  This burst of energy was over in about 200 feet and we started walking.  To try and slow CS down, I started yelling that I have candy and bacon.  This guy was a monster. I didn’t think that anything would stop him.  Until I yellad, “I have donuts!”  To which he stopped and turned around and yelled back “What type?”  I think some of the bigger runners( myself included) were surprised that we had to trot up a small hill. I can say from an experienced fatty, we all loved wal-running down the hill. I was worried about CS’s health after MaM shoved him off the course and ha was grabbing his knee. CS was in take no prisoners mode and took off like a bat out of hell, well as a person of weight AKA POW, more like a really slow sports car. But he caught  6 year old MaM at the half way point and flew past her.  MaM decided that she was’t going to take his crap decided that she was going to catch him.  She passed him about 20 feet before the finish line. The best part of the race was the end, where we all got to share a craft beer.  The best thing about registering a six year old in a Brew Mile race, tow drink tickets.  Not sure how CS got home. If you see him, ask.

@BlueMile and I after the race

 Be sure to head out to their next event in Greenwood and the Oaken Barrel on July 20th.