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Partners In Housing #24HWP -8pm


Our manatee just made the Small Box PIH Wall of Fame.

8pm dinner and we are waiting to start the 8pm planking challenge. Still writing content for the Partners In Housing site. Everyone here is working on different parts of the site. There is video editing, marketing strategy, and several other tasks.

Off to write some more content about homelessness.

Goodbye to a Friend – Donna The Manatee

The first time I saw the manatee. No, I didn’t take the speakers.

The first picture of me and the manatee

The first picture of me and the manatee

I remember the day you entered our lives. You were standing there on the curb. It was as if you were waiting there for me to pick you up. I ran by the first time and took a picture of you. I ran by the second time and took a picture with you. The third time, I stopped, put you in my car and took you took you home.

The kids loved the manatee.

My kids were so happy to have you with us, in our family. For some reason, you could never seem to get along with my wife. ¬†However, you tried to make it work. It wasn’t your fault. You grew on her. Every time her friends would stop by our home, they would take a picture with you. You were more Internet famous than me. I was jealous and I loved you at the same time. I still love you.


I was surprised to come home one day around Halloween and see the family had dressed you up in a costume. Even more surprised to see they dressed you up in a second costume the following weekend. You looked like a majestic being. all decked out in your gold.

Pie Wars 2012
The manatee at Pie Wars at City Market.

You joined me as we raised money for Pie Wars. You made me so proud that day.

Friends taking pictures with the manatee.


At Christmas, I came home, once again, and you were decorated in the best Christmas outfit. I really believed you would be staying with us because you were now, officially, a part of our family. Since we were family, I decided to bring you to a friend’s birthday party. On the way to the party, my wife called. I told her we were going to a party and she banished you from our home. She was 150 miles away. I felt as if I had been kicked in the gut. ¬†We drove the rest of the way in silence. You were in the back seat with no idea what was about to happen next. I was hoping she was joking. The joke was on me. You were no longer allowed in our home.

At 10:30p that night, we had a changing of the manatee. As the clock stuck half past, your time with me was over and you are going to begin a new life. You are now part of CS_Indy’s family. Here’s his story. I hope you are happy. I am looking forward to seeing you again. I love you, BarbaraDonna, with all my heart. You were the best manatee or walrus a man could ask for.

Our Christmas card picture. The kids and the manatee.

Take care and God Speed,