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“Guys in Ties for Success” The Fox Gets Classy

The Fox in a tie
The Fox in a tie

How many of you wear ties for work? Do you have to or is it by choice?
I have not worn a tie for work since I left my photography job over ten years ago. It was part of the job requirement. I have worn one for special events and I know how to tie one. But, it is not part of my wardrobe anymore.
I ask because tomorrow, The Fox is participating in “Guys in Ties for Success” at his school. It looks like this is going to be a weekly event. I told him I will support him by wearing a tie on Thursdays as well.

I wore a tie for throughout high school. Every school day from October to the end of April.

We just found out about this so we didn’t have a chance to get a kid sized tie. So the know on the tie is as big as his fist. On a side note, all my ties are older than my kids.

I think the next step will be to teach him how to take the tie off, without undoing it, and hang it on the rear view mirror. Do people still do that? Or was that an 80’s thing. I remember helping an adult neighbor with a tie in the late 80’s.

Do you sons participate in this program, or a similar program, at your school?

Take care and be awesome.

Why I Don’t Embarrass My Kids Online

Every so often, someone asks why don’t I tell embarrass stories about my kids on online social networks. There’s a couple of reasons why I don’t do this. I have noticed a lot of people who do. I am not a fan of embarrassing anyone, I just don’t think it’s cool. It’s just not my thing.

My children did not sign up to be online. My posts are about my life and my experiences. My world, shared with the online world. Of course, I choose what to share and what not to share. believe it or not, there are a lot of things I don’t share. I try to share my experiences in a humorous way. Even with the way I use humor in my writing, I try not to tell embarrassing stories about my wife either. In our house, we have three rules. Don’t be mean. Don’t be rude. Always be funny. If it’s funny, you can throw the first two rules away. Those three rules apply to everything. From in person interactions to online social networks. These rules have been in place since we were married in 2001.

My secret main reason I do not post negative things about my kids and family online is due to a recurring nightmare I have. It is thirty years in the future. I am living with my kids and I have to wear an adult diaper. Long story. In this dream, I need a lot of help to change the diaper. I mean, I need a really scary nightmare amount of help. You know, because it’s a nightmare. And instead of helping me with my urgent need, they are reading all the embarrassing posts back to me. Every single post. One by one and they keep taking pictures of me and posting them online.

Does your family have rules for talking about the family outside the family?

Have an awesome weekend and be awesome,

Happiness Project-Playing Zombie Attack With My Kids


This week on the Kahuna Happiness Project,

Last weekend, I ran around a nature preserve while chasing my kids and pretending to be a zombie. It was unbelievably awesome. We were together, we were outside, we were playing, and mamma bear got to do her thing for the play she’s producing. It was the same as going to the park, except, it was in a small forest.

Since we live near the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, we were able to go on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, it was a Fox and me day. Don’t tell MaM, but the Saturday adventure ended up with a shake and ice cream. Sunday, both kids got to be zombie victims. After a poll on Twitter and Facebook, we determined that if it is daytime, these zombies are friendly. If it was spoken on the internet, it must be true. To alleviate his own fear of zombies, The Fox kept telling me I was a friendly zombie.


Spending time and playing with my kids makes me very happy. Getting to see them enjoy the outdoors is an awesome thing thing to watch. Although they keep looking for deer, them screaming as they run away from me scare the the deer away from the kids and I. With my responsibilities at work increasing and the kids getting more involved in extracurricular activities, I need to make the time I spend with them extreme quality time. That mean reducing the time I spend staring at my phone reading status updates and looking at cat pictures. I am not trying to be preachy, this is what I need to do to be happy. If you think I’m a nut for wanting to spend time with my kids, you are more than welcome to. I pray you come to your senses before your kids become adults with their own lives. I want to think that most dads would want to spend time with their families.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being most awesome, on the Kahuna Happiness Scale, playing with my kids at the nature preserve ranked a ten.

Get out and spend some time with your kids. Do it this weekend. You don’t have to plan, your kids just want to spend time with you. Just go with the flow.

As the weather gets warmer, I think I will bring back a feature we had last year on the blog, Parks We Visit and Play At. I just write up a short blurb about the parks we go to and whether or not the kids like them. We may also bring back the “Hot Mom” rating. We’ll have to see about that last one. If this is the one blog post my wife actually reads, we will not have a Hot Mom rating this year.

Take Care and Be Awesome,



Man Card Violation – Valentine’s Day Shopping Completed A Week Before Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know. I can’t believe either. It sneaks up on us men every year.

Are you ready?

Don’t F it up like you did last year.

Get get something nice. Real nice. I’m saying go all out. It’s Valentine’s Day, you’re not proposing to her(or him). This year I did go all out. Yes, I just implied I have finished my Valentine’s day shopping for the 2013 season. Here’s my Man Card. Let me know when I can have it back.

I went all out for my special ladies. I have two beautiful ladies in my life. My wife, Michelle and my daughter, MaM. I got them the $3.99 card. It’s a beauty. When you open it a monkey holding a chicken pops out throwing gold glitter. You don’t get that on the $.99 level or even the $1.99 level. My lucky ladies. ¬†They’re going to flip their lids.

Seriously, it’s coming up next week. Don’t forget the special people in your lives. Especially don’t forget your wife. You can’t afford to buy a monkey holding a chicken card? Get out a sheet of paper and a Caron and make something up and work in the words “I”, “Love”, and “You”.

Don’t use glitter. The only people who love glitter are girls under 12, women who dance on poles, and dudes, like me, who like unicorns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I am still in shock I bought this stuff before 5pm on 2/14 on my way home from work. I had to buy three cards to get the free gift. So, this year, The Fox gets a card too.

I learned that if you shop early, you get a better selection of cards for your cat. The more you know.



Max and Ruby – My First Live Action Kids Show


Yesterday, we used some free tickets that Michelle won on Twitter to see the live action kids show Max and Ruby. It was a tribute to The Nutcracker. I went into this theatrical event not knowing who Max and/or Ruby were. I had no idea what it was. The one phrase I knew when Michelle told me a out this event was The Nutcracker.
We scored a free, street parking space right next to the parking lot. Woo Hoo! Win for us. Once again confirming my authority on being the self proclaimed King Of Parking. Sorry, believe it or not, I did not get a picture of the parking space. I totally rocked, ask me wife.

We took our seats in the middle of the theater. As a parent, I am always concerned about not sitting on the end of an aisle. This is because it is my safe location in case I have to make a quick child extraction. You know, bathroom emergency, frightened screaming. It happens.
We got some good seats. Right in the middle. Being taller the all the kids, I was able to see the stage. There were kids everywhere. There were so many kids, I became a little scared because we were outnumbered.

The show opened with four characters introducing themselves as elves. Turns out this was the ensemble. They played different parts throughout the show. Then they introduced Max and Ruby. The place went insane once they took the stage. The kids in the audience went crazy. I did not know these characters were bunnies. Something my wife was quick to point out to her followers on Twitter.
The story had the two bunnies use their imagination to go into magical world of The Nutcracker. The show progressed through some of the big dance routines from The Nutcracker. These dances were completed by the four elf characters. The kids enjoyed the ballet dancing. I guess the it was good dancing, that is not really my area of expertise. From what I saw, it looked good.
This Max character was obsessed with cookies and kept asking about them throughout the show. I later learned that he is a younger rabbit and his older sister bosses him around on the TV show. However, she was much nicer to him in this show.
After a period of time, I started to get freaked out by the bunny costumes of Max and Ruby. I am not sure where this came from. I think it had something to do with the three hours of sleep I got last night. The big thing was that this was not a out me liking or not liking the show. The main thought was that the kids loved the show.
It was fun singing Christmas carols with the characters of the show as a closing number. I think MaM loved the dancing and The Fox loved the singing and songs. When the show ended and Max and Ruby walked off stage, I felt a little sadness that these two cheesy characters were leaving me. Towards the end, I really started to like them.
What have I become?