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Walk Walk Walk! You Can Donut!

Get out and walk, dammit!

Get moving!

You can Donut!

Just do it!

Two events coming up, I want to share them with you.

Event One, The Kahuna Virtual 5k

Indy Walk Saturday, March 30th, 2013 @ 9am EST.

This weekend. Walk, run, or crawl a 5k. You have until today until Sunday to complete this goal. Many of you have been training. That’s awesome. There are group runs in New Jersey, Minnesota, and Indianapolis. The Indianapolis run, walk, crawl is meeting on the Monon Trail at 111th street at 9am Saturday morning. We’ll be walking north from 111th to the other side ofthe  bridge and back. That’s tomorrow. Come out and join us. This is not a race. Just a fitness walk. It will take as long as it takes you. There’s no cut off time. Also, it’s free.

Here’s the Minnesota info.

MN-Meeting at Lake Calhoun @ 9am. There is more info on the Facebook event page.

And the FB event link


Event Two, The American Heart Association’s National Walking Day

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 @ 5pm EST.

This is their annual event to get people active. They want you to walk for thirty minutes on this day. I encourage you to get moving. Get out and walk. If you wait for a parking space close to the door when shopping, take it slow. Try parking at the rear of the parking lot.

At one point in my life, the only speed walking I did was to race to the buffet to beat out some senior citizen to get the last dinner roll.

There’s a group walking on the Monon Trail at 5pm on April 3rd. We are meeting at the 96th street parking lot. We’ll walk 15 minutes north and back. This walk should be about two miles long. We’ll walk to 106th street and back.

Here’s the Facebook event page.



Both events are free. Hope to see you on the trail.



2011 Indy Fur Con is Here

Who is heading up to Indy Fur Con this year? It is being held this weekend in Indy. I am hoping to be there for the press event this year.  Here is some video of what we did last year. I enjoy this event because of the interesting costumes that people wear.  The amount of time and effort that goes into them is unbelievable. If you are interested, check it out at the Hilton Indianapolis North(Castleton).

I was surprised by the comments left on my YouTube page last year. I got there as many of the people were getting out of a How To Talk To The Press session.  The comments all mentioned how happy they were in the way I presented their event. These comments really made me feel proud in what we were doing.  Telling a story about something meaningful.  Hopefully, we can get some more great narratives at this year’s event. You can follow them on The Twitter at @IndyFurCon

2010 Indy Fur Con

2011 Indy Fur Con





Kahuna On The Loose – Closing the Monumental Marathon Finish Line

After being on the course, and almost getting kicked off of it, for six and a half hours, this is my finish. I thought it would be an emotional event. It was not because I was mad that I thought I was going to get booted from the course by letting the last course pacer catch me.
I finished with a time of 6:30. The clock on the video has 6:37, it took me 7 minutes to get to the start line at the beginning of the race.
Facebook Pictures from the Indy Monumental Marathon are here