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My New Quest: How Do People Achieve Happiness?

I am on a new quest, to find out what makes people happy. You can call this the Kahuna Happiness Project(KHP). I am going on a mission to explore what makes people happy. I won’t be asking my wife this question because it will probably revolve around me doing the dishes. I want to talk to people about how they define happiness. How do you define it? What ( family friendly ) things make you happy? I wonder if the people who are working minimum  wage jobs are happy with their lives. Not that money is everything, but how do they view happiness.

What you do you think it is? Money, fame, recognition, power, serving others? I have no idea. I really don’t even know what makes me happy anymore. I enjoy my family, my job, and the things I do. But, am I happy? Or is this like The Matrix? One thing that does make me happy is exercising. That is one thing that I have consistently worked at over the last six months. I see working out as my therapy sessions. Of course there is some neurological activity happening there, but I feel a lot better on the days I exercise than the days I don’t. If I go two days without exercising, I get a little antsy. Three days and there’s a good chance someone is going to get hurt.

A couple weeks ago, we did the Free Hugs Indy event. That seemed to make people happy. Both the huggers and the huggees really enjoyed the event. In a couple weeks, we have a virtual 5k. There is a lot of chatter on our Facebook event page about people looking forward to this event at the end of March. That make me happy to see people bettering themselves.

I am reading a book that is a 52 week plan to live a more enjoyable life. I just started it and I am making some small habit modifications. The focus is taking care of me. Weeks one and two are about meditation and eating better. Yeah, easy start because I am already on that plan.Yes, I eat better. I am still working on mediation. I hope this does not chill me out too much.

So, our blogging journey is going to take a slightly different direction in the next few months. We are still going to have some fun but it will probably be a lot more calmer than the past couple of years. In social media they call it “re-branding”. At least that’s what I learned on Twitter. I hope you stick around. If you are an unhappy person, you may learn something. Or just stop reading and go away, it’s ok, I am not offended. If that makes you happy, that’s awesome.

Take Care,


The Kahuna Virtual 5k


Have you wanted to complete a five k but the race times never fit your schedule? Here’s what I want to do, plan a race weekend. You can complete the five k when you want during the last weekend March. For those of you playing at home, that’s Friday, March 29th, to Sunday, March 31st. You run/walk/cartwheel three miles whenever you want that weekend.
We will also have a group leaving from 96th and The Monon Trail, heading north to 111th and heading back to 96th street. If you want to run/ walk, from wherever you are, during the same time we are, you can.
How much will this cost me?
-Nothing, it’s free.
What do I need to do?
-RSVP Where will you be running from?
-Use your social media channels and tell people you are going to do this.
-Get a decent pair of shoes.
-Make sure your doctor says you can do this.
-Get a watch, or other time measuring device.
-Start training.

This is not a race. You’re doing this for you.

If you’re in, we welcome you.
If you’re on the fence, think about it.

I’ll post some training guides in the upcoming weeks.
If you have any questions, let me know.

You can follow along on Twitter, @BgKahuna or My Facebook page.

Thanks and I hope you join us.

Take Care,