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I Fell Off The Wagon, And I’m Cool With That

What can I say? I can make excuses about going to my daughter’s basketball game and eating a hot dog after 7pm, going to a Super Game Party at my friend’s church where I had an extra bowl of chili, or having a heavy beer on Saturday night. It really doesn’t matter. I made this choices. I have to live with them.

I made those choices and I’m cool with that. Why? I’m human and I had some fun. I enjoyed the company of friends and watched some football. I knew that Monday is a brand not ew day and I’ll just work harder this week.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to share what I was thinking when this happened. You get back up and keep moving forward. Even with the failures of this past weekend, I am really happy with my progress. January was a successful month. Fortunately, it’s still early in. February.

Be safe and take care.