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Yes, Yay!


This post was inspired by me congratulating my friend, Amber Recker , on some great news- she has a guest writing opportunity. She was excited and I was excited for her as well.


We don’t say this enough. We don’t celebrate the small things. We don’t appreciate the little things in life. Everyone wants to bigger and better. Not me. Nope. I am happy with what I have. Happy to be where I am in life.


My Yay! moment this week was spending time time with my kids on the Monon Trail. We walked to 3/4 of a mile up the trail and back. This was easy for MaM, she was on a bike. The Fox ditched his scooter after 1/4 mile and walked the rest of the way. This could be the farthest he’s ever walked. I was extremely proud of him. I didn’t get the “please carry me” whine. He was a trooper and did it.



What was your Yay! moment this week?

Was it a big feat or a small one?

Promise me one thing, tell someone Yay! today!


Have a good one!


OMG Summer is Officially Over

Today, is the official last moment of summer for my two Little People. The exact moment will be when they’re buckled in the van and the sliding side door closes. Cutting them off from the summer air and breathing the fresh air of a new school year. First grade and preschool, I can get through this while taking less pictures than a foreign tourist at the Grand Canyon. Summer is done.

When you’re four and seven, time doesn’t mean much to you. I mean, at that age you have absolutely no concept of time. For example, my kids are picked up from school in the afternoon, and they will ask “How long until we get home?” while we take our regular route home. Time is a man made concept. Seriously, they know whether or not they’re going to school based on the time we wake MaM in the morning. If it’s early, we’re going to church or school Usually, The Fox is already up. I should make him wake MaM up in the morning.

After Michelle drops off the kids today, she will head north for a girls weekend during the week. I will have the kids by myself tonight and have to get them ready tomorrow morning for their second day of school. Lists have been made. Schedules have been written down on paper and placed in an obvious place so I will see it. I am not as good as Michelle is at motivating kids to get moving.

I hope I don’t mess this up and the school calls Michelle. I hope I can find The Fox’s school. I hope these two don’t try and overthrow my leadership to install an new routine of ice cream for dinner.
If you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, the Little Have revolted and the revolution is being televised.
Does anyone know what we are supposed to do for food until my wife returns? If you do, tweet me.

Take Care,

How To Keep Your Kids From Fighting

The Fox and Monkey sharing an iPod moment.

I finally figured out how to keep these two from fighting.  Not that they fight a lot, but siblings fight and argue.  This usually happens when one of them starts playing with something that the other one has not touched or thought of for at least a month. The longer the toy has sat dormant, the bigger the fight the owner of the toy put up for the other one.

It took three years and two old iPhones. It ‘s unbelievable how well these two get along when they each have their own electronic device. Funny thing is, they have to have the same games on each phone. Currently, the favorite game they can’t stop playing is something called Perry.  They look at each other and yell “WHERE IS MY PERRY?” I have no idea what they are talking about.  I just hope they never find an app to overthrow the dictatorship in their house.

Annnnnd they’re off.

OMG-My Kids Do Listen To Me?!?

The other day, I was talking to MaM. It was a whole afternoon of daddy and daughter conversation and hanging out at the pool. We had a great time. She is an active, playful child. She’s our adventuresome one. When we do things on our family vacations, I am assigned to MaM because Michelle doesn’t want to ride the rollercoasters and wild rides.
As we were talking, I asked how she got the courage to walk over the bridge at Rock City. This was a really wobbly bridge that crossed over a walkway 75 feet below. The bridge even scared me. The Fox wanted no part of this adventure. He and Michelle decided to head towards the more secure bridge. A bridge that didn’t shake or wobble as you walked over it.
Her response was that she concentrated on crossing the bridge and that is why she wasn’t scared.
Why is this a parenting Big Deal?
Because every time the kids, who are four and seven and easily distracted, do something-I tell them to concentrate on the task at hand. Whether its walking across the room with a glass of milk or cleaning their room.