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A Strange Thing Happened At @Speedway. A #ThinkKit Post.

Typical gas station pizza report post.
Typical gas station pizza report post.
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt was to share a wacky or weird experience. Hmmmmmmmm…let me see. What do I write about on day three of this writing challenge? Most of the new readers on this page may not be familiar with what I do. I am an “experience junkie”. I want to experience it all while I am on the rock floating around the sun. I love to do different things.
Strange and weird are such subjective words. The definition is in the eye of the individual. Most people who know me are well aware how far from normal my definition of strange can be. Because strange and weird are what motivate “experience junkies”. Past events I have completed include running a marathon while taking and posting pictures to Twitter, shaving my head for Make-A-Wish, to ringing a bell for 60 hours straight for the Salvation Army to selfies with Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson’s father. The last one, these two men were not in the same selfie. Recently, I asked on Twitter what I should add to my social media resume for a corporate social media position. I had forgotten many events my followers and friends reminded me of doing.
However, every so often, something comes along and makes me think “whoa, that was pretty messed up”. Over the past couple of years, I posted pictures of the gas station pizza display whenever I’d fill my car with gas. Yes, I’d fill my car up and then run inside to take a picture for my Instagram account. True, that in itself is wacky and weird. But, that’s not what freaked me out this past year. Eventually, people started commenting on these and I had a thing. My own viral thing. People would request these pictures. I remember being in Ohio and receiving a tweet from April Gregory demanding a “Gas Station Pizza Report”. I know right, my viral thing eventually got a proper viral name.  Another day, I was emceeing an event and someone yelled “Hey! That’s the Jarred of Gas station pizza!” I see the irony of being the pizza guy and associated with a healthy guy.
Then Speedway gas stations joined the mix. Speedway started communicating with me on Twitter. Nothing big at first, just general engagement you would expect from a major brand. Then I got the Twitter DM. We want to come to Indianapolis and meet you. I honestly thought it was a gag. Even after we set up a date and location, I kept thinking “I’m getting punk’d”.
On the day of the meeting, I was extremely hesitant because I didn’t know what was going to happen. In the crazy I create, I have some control of the situation. Here, I had none. I met their social media team and their intern. They were all very nice and normal. They gave me a cooler, some t-shirts, a gift card, and a VIP Membership card with my name on it. My favorite part was the guy taking pictures with his iPad. To me, that’s strange.
iPad is a camera.
iPad is a camera.
Even after our meeting, I wondered why they drove to Indianapolis to meet me. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome experience. Why would someone take time out of their day to meet me? I got to sample a new line of pizzas they were introducing and my picture was featured on their Facebook page. Strange but true.
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I love strange and weird experiences. This one recent event is something that was very strange and weird to me. To keep with the strange and weird theme, I wrote this post from a hot tub at the gym. I know, right, who does stuff like that? I guess I do.

This is part of the ThinkKit 31 Days of Blogging. Every day, bloggers in the challenge receive a writing prompt and blog about it. This program is to inspire daily writing. For more information, check out the ThinkKit website.


What Makes You Happy? A #ThinkKit Post.

The #ThinkKit prompt for today was to take a poll. I went with a topic I want to know more about, what makes people happy. I posted the following question on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and Google +.

What makes you happy?

Frappacinos and good people – Pat D

Besides the low hanging fruit… Kids, family… I enjoy my wood shop where I build things like step ladders so I can grab said low hanging fruit much easier. – David M

Seeing my close friends and family happy makes me happy. Even if things aren’t going my way, it’s all just an afterthought. Roscoe V.D.

Making my family and happy. This is my first year adopting an “Elf on a shelf” and day 2 has already brought tons of laughter. A smile and a laugh shared is so contagious. Kate C.

Listening to Christmas songs, gifts are not important as Pete and I get older, we just want gather with family and have some good laughter Bonnie M.

Making people laugh. Accomplishing things.
And an XL coffee from Dunkin Donuts. – Chris M.

Random Acts of Kindness. While I give them as much as I can, I’m always in awe when I find myself in the receiving end of one. I’m especially caught off guard when it’s a kind word of appreciation from a patient. At the same time, those sometimes make me sad in the fact that I’m almost brought to tears at times. It just shows how rare they’ve seemingly become. Then again, maybe it just means I don’t take them for granted like I used to. Lynn W.

Nothing makes me happy, I just CHOOSE to be Happy Sometimes when I am a Unicorn I feel ultra happy and liberated from day to day routine of being me. Hazel W.

Snow…and books. Beth G.

Being able to be with family and friends and to put smiles on their faces and make them laugh. And using a sharpie on them while sleeping falls in this category!! John K.

Waking up every morning taking a deep breath, looking around seeing how far I’ve come I’m life, my husband and knowing so much more lies ahead Shannon S.

I am happy waking to another day ~ can’t wait to see what each one brings! Shirley R.

Hearing my sons laugh. Rocky W.

Knowing those around me are happy, especially if I played even a tiny role in their happiness. Pamela R.

Realized goals. A few more: helping others, teaching others, walking through downtown Indy, and writing Jason.

beyond bacon, selfies and cat videos? @IndyGator

Family & friends, good health, creative pursuits. and a good cheeseburger. Randy C.

hearing my children and my wife laugh, helping others, time with family, pizza, and watching sports Aaron B.

Free time! Sara M.

Simple things: first snow, a child’s laughter, a quiet run. Abbi A.

Sharing meals with friends. A good book. My daughters. Bill B.

Coming home each night after work to my girls. (I’d be even happier if the cleaned the kitchen ) Shafferb on Instargram

On the four online social, 22 people responded to this informal poll. I was surprised to learn there were almost as many things that made people happy than people making people happy. Some people told me that people and things made them happy. In these situations, both cases were counted. There was a bigger response from Facebook than the other online social networks. Yes, I polled this question on Google+, I’m crazy like that.
Here is the breakdown:
People make them happy – 16 (Family – 10 / Friends – 8)
Things make them happy – 13

Online social networks:
Facebook – 14
Twitter – 5
Instagram – 1
Google+ – 2

So, now that you know what makes other people happy. What makes you happy?

This is part of the ThinkKit 31 Days of Blogging. Every day, bloggers in the challenge receive a writing prompt and blog about it. This program is to inspire daily writing. For more information, check out the ThinkKit website.


Nothing To Do In Indy? Follow @TheQueenofFree and @VisitIndy on Twitter


I saw this tweet and wanted to share something with you. You can find inexpensive things to do in Indianapolis with Twitter and Facebook. Most of my success has been with Twitter.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Get one! There are tons of free opportunities listed on here for you and your family. You don’t have to tweet about your cat and what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Use it as another source to find inexpensive things to do.
Most family friendly places and events have Twitter accounts to help promote their attractions. They even offer discounts. Some have contests asking you to RT( how to re tweet) something they posted on Twitter. I have won tickets to Cirque du Soliel, the Brickyard 400, and some kids shows this way.
Here are a couple Twitter accounts to start you off
The Queen of Free

The Children’s Museum

The Indianapolis Zoo

The Eiteljorg Museum

Visit Indy

Or you can subscribe to someone’s list. Here’s mine.

BgKahuna’s Twitter List Of Things To Do In Indy

None of the above links compensated me for mentioning them. These are Twitter accounts of places I would take my family or accounts that provide information about things happening in the city. Also, consider following neighborhoods that are known to have events. I know Broad Ripple and Carmel have accounts.

Nothing To Do In Indiana? Free Tickets To A Kids Show


Yes, I am going to see a kids show for free. Because my wife rebroadcast a Twitter post, she entered a contest to win free Max and Ruby tickets from a local public relations firm.

I am not sharing this with you to brag. I am sharing this with you as information that you can use to do more in Indianapolis, with your family, for less money.

How can you do this? It is extremely easy.

Create a Twitter account. You don’t have to constantly share pictures of your food and cats. You are using it as a medium to find out what is going on in your city. You can follow me here or here and follow Michelle here.

Find the Twitter or Facebook brand pages of things you want to do in your city. If you don’t want to follow them, you can create a Twitter list or follow a list of local brands that someone else has created.

Start watching what these attraction post. Most of the paid events will have offers on Facebook to ‘Like’ and or comment on their page to win tickets. Or, on Twitter, they will ask you to RT something they posted as a chance to win.

Will you win every time? No, I believe your chances are pretty good for less popular events. I also entered the same contest Michelle did and also won tickets. Once I found out Michelle won, I informed the PR company so someone else could have the tickets.

Take Care and Good Luck.



Valentine’s Day. Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be.

It’s tougher being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day than not being in a relationship. Trust me.  Especially if you are in more than one relationship on a single Valentine’s Day(This is information that you can’t trust me on, this is from observations). You have to remember who gets what. It’s like being Santa Claus because you also have to remember who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Except this is the day that it pays to be naughty.

If there is only one person, you have to try not to forget to buy something. You also have to buy the right thing.

My favorite part of the day is when people proclaim their love on Facebook to their significant other. “To the love of my life. I love you with all my heart but I am too lazy to put on some pants and head to a store and spend $1.99 on a card that someone else wrote.” That is true love! If the only way they can show their love is by typing out 20-50 words on their phone, you can rule out getting a hand-made card.   Facebook is the new lazy.

There is also the first time the a wife tells her husband( or whatever she got going on) that “this is the year” they are not getting each other gifts. Usually, the wife “will become upset” because, even though no gift or flowers was agrreed upon, she did not get a gift-complete opposite of the new contract. Then the next, she is surprised because of what happen the previous year. Because the man didn’t buy a gift, again( my experience). I am not saying that single people should get over being single, just that there is another side of the coin.

This post is a day late because I thought that Valentne’s Day was today. Funny how that worked out, huh?