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Black Friday Sale – You Can Donut 5k Run Discount

I am pleased to announce all fees for the You Can Donut 5k run series have been reduced to $0. That’s right, they are free. 

All you have to do is train! You can donut. 
As always, you can run, walk, or crawl the 5k. 
All we ask from you is that you’re healthy enough to walk three miles, you train for the event, you complete the 5k during the last weekend of the quarter, and you post to our Facebook page that you completed it.
For more information, please join our Facebook group

The runs are scheduled for the following 2015 dates. 
Q1 March 27th – 29th 
Q2 June 26th – 28th
Q3 September 25th – 27th 
Q4 December  25th – 27th 

We still have room for our 2014 Q4 event on December 26th – 28th. 

Hope you join us. 

Just Dount. A #ThinkKit Prompt

Today’s ThinkKit prompt was to write a mantra for the year ahead, how you’ll approach it, and what you wish it to be. One montra I wrote earlier this year was “Just Donut!”. It’s a combination of two of my favorite things, donuts and not making excuses.
This montra is also meant to make people smile when they hear it. Because let’s face it, you have to be a pretty dark souled person if you don’t smile when someone says the word donut. “Mmmmmmmmmm donuts.” ~ Homer Simpson
When I read social media posts that say “I hope to….” or “I really wish I could……” I will usually respond with just donut. “Don’t think, just do.” ~ Yoda. So many times, we’ve already prepared for the task in our head. I do this a lot too. We get caught on the hardest part of doing something new. Yes, we just need a kick in the ass to start. Once we start, the train is moving and it’s easier to keep the momentum going.
So many people are overcome by the entire project. They can’t see the beginning, the middle, or the end. They see a giant deathstar of a project that needs to be completed or they over analyze the entire project and become hesitant to start because they think they need more time to properly plan.
Next time you are working yourself up before starting a new project. Take a deep breath and just donut.

Blog Indiana: Day One

mmmmmmm Donuts

I got to hit Blog Indiana today thanks to my friends Randy Clark and Kevin Mullett. Randy got me in to help with his Friend Up presentation and Uncle Kev graciously let me have an extra ticket.  Very thankful to both gentlemen for for their assistance as well as the organizers of Blog Indiana. I am not sure if I should be honored or humbled by this.

Today’s sessions gave me a lot more take-aways than previous years. I am not sure if that is because I am taking this more seriously or because I have been hitting the blog posts a lot harder. I have been writing for two blogs, mostly for my other site. In the last couple of months, I have been able to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. The sessions I attended were about content creation, something that I am very interested in learning about.

Allison Carter’s keynote presentation spoke about the importance of using visuals in her “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Clicks: Creating a Visual Content Strategy”. I connected with this session because I am a visual person. I have been taking pictures since 1983 and I love telling a story through pictures. Because of my professional photography background, it’s a skill I have been working on for twenty years.

Sitting on Shrimp session

In Jane Goodwin’s session, “Sitting on Shrimp”, she spoke about grammar and writing. Writing was a weakness for me until I got into grad school. I learned to write ( in the academic) world quickly. It was sink or swim. My take away from Jane’s session was that “Abe Lincoln was a tall man….” This was an example of college kids mega run on sentence. The length of this sentence was about the size of one of my blog posts. I also learned that spelling and grammar are my friends. Also, to speak out, act up, and write it up.  Jane also told the group that it was ok to make your readers mad because it’s good for them. I enjoyed her take on writing, write because you enjoy it. To be a better writer, you need to be a good reader.  I totally agree with that.  To become better at anything, you really need to absorb as much as you can.

My cat Twitter account avatar made the presentation.

My favorite session was “Nonsense, Creativity, and the Completely Engaged Reader” given by Ryan Brock.  This guy rocked a post lunch session with humor and information. He talked about your internal filter/ editor.  You know, that little voice in your head that tells you either to write something silly or not to write something silly. Sometimes, you have to ignore the voice and write silly.  He even used the same picture that I have as my avatar on my fake cat account.  One of his main points was that “your story isn’t something you create, it’s something you share.” Think about that. Everyone has a story to share. Some people think their story is boring and the no one cares about their story.  I disagree, we can learn from other people’s stories.

Friends in the food line.

Randy Clark brought his “Friend Up: Taking networking from on-line to in-person” session from the Fort Wayne TED meeting to  Blog Indiana. I was a table facilitator for this session. Two people at our table, who were at the blogging conference for networking, didn’t understand the reasoning behind the friend-up concept or what the meeting was trying to achieve. Then lightning struck, they got it.  Person A was looking to connect to some fiction writers, Person B has a professional relationship with some writers and offered to help make the connection.  Person B was looking for more writing assignments and Person B’s company was looking for writers of unique content. Funny thing, these two people were able to help one another because of their professional contacts. Basically, the friend-up is a small group of people connecting to help each other achieve their goals through the contacts of the group. If you here about one in your area, I would encourage you to visit.

At Erik Deckers session.

The last session of the day was Erik Deckers“Seven Secrets of Successful Humor”. Unfortunately, I could only stay for six of the seven secrets. I need to find the seventh secret, if you have it, send it to me. He spoke to a full room. It was a very informative session that dug into the nuts and bolts of humor writing. My big take away in this session was to use Twitter help sharpen humor writing because of the character restriction. You have to get to the point and hit your punchline in 140 characters. Joke that spread across several tweets just do not work as well as the ones that are shorter. Another take away was to use simple language.


My overheard made the tweet wall.

There were a lot of new faces this time around. It wasn’t the same people talking about the same topics. The content was fresh. There seem to be more sessions about content creation. Content creation is one of my weak areas. I can make a video or post some pictures, but creating a story in words is a different skill. I am working on it and you have to suffer through it, sorry.


Have a good one,



I Was A Donut Man

In donut heaven.

Last Friday morning, I got to live two life long dreams. I got to dress up as a donut and hand out donuts to total strangers.  I got to join the Indiana Division of the Salvation Army and help say thanks to some of the companies who have donated their time or materials over the last year.

With strangers on Monument Circle.

We stopped by a couple businesses to deliver donuts.  Everything went well except for our visit to the radio station.  I think I got “bad touched” while there. We came out of one business downtown, and we were getting back into the van.  As we stepped back into the van, a group came up and asked us for a picture.  We got out and put the donut back on and took some pics.  In all the excitement, we forgot to close the back of the van.  As we were driving away, I noticed the rear door open and that we almost lost the donut costume.  That would have sucked.  A lost donut costume. That would be a tragedy.

At the WZPL studios.

The greatest part was seeing the look on people’s faces as a giant donut walked into their office with two dozen Dunkin Donuts. That costume was  DD has one thing correct, America runs on donuts. The sad part of this adventure was that I only got to eat one donut of all the donuts we delivered.

From inside the donut costume.