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My BgKahuna Olympic Announcement!

The finish of the 2011 Chicago Marathon


I would like to announce that BgKahuna and Co. will be preparing to compete in the Senior Olympics in 2021 in the marathon. The earliest that I can compete is at age 50, but the Summer Games are held in odd number years. Please support Team Kahuna as we make a run for the 2021 Senior Olympics.

We Can Donut!

Let’s face it, anyone can get into the regular Olympics. How many people dream of making it to the Senior Olympics.

Together, We Can Donut!

Love Always,


I Love America. Go Senior Team USA Kahuna

It’s Chicago Marathon Show Time

Hello, If you are reading this it must be Sunday morning. Today is the day we have all been working up to, The Chicago Marathon. I am planning on a good race and the weather is suppose to be cooperative.
I will be posting some updates and pictures during the race.

You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook to track my progress.
If you comment on twitter and are into hashtags, it’s #BgK26

I want to thank my family and friends for all their support. Seeing their messages kept me going.

Kahuna On The Loose – Man bets me $100 I wont make it past mile 7

Kahuna show us how to be a successful overweight elite athlete as he prepares for the Chicago Marathon. He is confronted on the street by a man who bets $100 that he will not make it past mile 7.Then the man makes fun of his weight. Beer and Pizza, yum

For more information, visit The NY Slice on Facebook and Twitter.

And The Marathon Fun Continues

I registered for the Chicago Marathon and the Carmel Marathon today.  This should be fun considering I am in a wedding the week after the Carmel Marathon in June.  Hopefully, I’ll be walking normally by then. I found a novice marathon training plan that I am going to follow.  The only  difference from last time is that I am going to do more cross training.  I am trying to hit the gym at least two days a week for full body workouts.  This should help burn the fat off so that I am lighter for the races.  I am a big guy, however, this sport is not for big people.  My goal is sub 200 pounds.

I saw the trainer at the health club last week. He suggested hitting the weights a little hared than I have been.  Instead of doing twelve rep four times with 90 pounds, try ten reps three times with as much as I could comfortably lift. In my case, it’s 150.  This made me increase the weight across the board for all exercises.  I am not lifting my max, just enough to be able to do ten reps three times.  I am not trying to get big, just fit.

A couple people have asked me about how to train for a marathon.  First thing, check with your doctor and make sure you’re healthy enough to do one.  Second, take it slow. The marathon os a couple of months off.  If you are not happy about where you are now, in two months you will be in a totally different place. Physically and mentally.

I wonder if they will let me complete one of the marathons in a motorized scooter, like the one my ma-maw has?

Take Care,