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Kahuna Positivity Manifesto – August 3rd, 2016

Good morning Big Sexy people!
Today is one of the happiest memories of my life. It’s MaM’s birthday. 
We learned early in our marriage that we may not be able to have our own children. Then we explored the possibility of adoption and connected with an agency on the south side. Michelle and I created a scrapbook for prospective birth parents. We were selected even after their mother found my social media account. Turns out when you’re in your 20’s it difficult to find pictures of yourselves not holding wine glasses.

It was amazing to be able to be there for MaM’s birth. We call her The Monkey because she was born with long, tiny fingers. The name fit because she can climb anything.

We love watching her grow up and be her own person. Growing up a red head is always an adventure. Trust me, I know, I used to be one. 

So on this day at 8:03am weighing in at 8 pounds and three ounces, MaM entered our lives ready to take on the world. 

Love and cherish your children. They’re our future.

Be awesome!

Be Big Sexy!
I love you all!
This post is part of my Kahuna Positivity Manifesto. Treat positivity like cross fit or training for a marathon, tell as many people as possible all the time.


My Birthday Is Almost Here

My birthday is next week. One of the awesome things about having a late November birthday, is the possibility of a Thanksgiving Day birthday. We really need to come up with a name for having your birthday on Thanksgiving. You know how people call the birthday of your age your golden birthday? We need a name like that. I am open to all suggestions. I recommend we don’t call it your “Brown birthday”.

For some reason, the week before my birthday makes me extremely anxious. Anxious because every event that is scheduled outside of my normal work routine I expect to be a surprise birthday party. Yes, for the two weeks before my birthday, I walk into every single room expecting, hoping, praying people will jump out of no where and yell surprise. I think this even if I am getting on a bus. Maybe, this bus is actually a diversion to throw me off the surprise birthday scent. We have a sitter and my wife is taking me out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, Brewhouse. From the time we walk in, order our meals, and leave, I will be ready for a group of people to yell “SURPRISE!” Yes, I will act like it’s a surprise.

This year, my birthday is the day before Thanksgiving. My friend Dave Norbut has the honor and pleasure of a Thanksgiving Day birthday. That lucky guy.

My brother-in-law celebrates his birthday on the 29th. One of our family traditions is celebrating our birthdays on the day after Thanksgiving. This tradition has been celebrated every year for the past 12-13 years. It is a highlight of the Thanksgiving holiday. We sit side by side and alternate opening presents. We look like a set of twins.

So, if you read this and I happen to walk into your room, please yell “SURPRISE!” to entertain me.

Thank you,


An Awesome Day

What an amazing day. Absolutely amazing.
Started with a six mile run.

Then headed to a social media breakfast hosted by some friends. My table, table 9, won an award for the way we answered some social media content questions. We won a box of 2012 Twinkies. What an amazing day. I tried to talk my tablemates into leaving their jobs and families and traveling the great State of Indiana to no avail. I even tried to persuade them with our new found booty. None of them would budge.

Then lunch at Qudoba. I heart burritos. They may not be healthy, but they taste awesome.

I could have ended the day and been perfectly content. But, no, it got more awesome. I found some seat candy. Don’t judge me. Like you have never seen candy on your car seat and got excited because it was new found candy.

The family took me to Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th street for dinner. I love family dinner time. Casual conversation with Michelle and The Little People. Tonight, MaM tried to guess what she is getting for Christmas. No, we are not getting her a pony.

I am in awe of this amazing day. From all the well wishes on Twitter and Facebook. To the text messages from my friends and siblings. This has been one of the best days of my life. One I will remember for a long time.


MaM Turns Seven!

The day started off with her and The Fox hearing the Indiana State Fair train whistle.  THey both started screaming that we are going to the fair.  I am not sure where that came from.

I can remember the morning she was born like it was yesterday.

We are so blessed that she is in our family.


Baby MaM-Age 5 hours


To 2005

MaM at her third birthday party.


To now

MaM and the funky bunch.