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The WTHR Health and Fitness Expo


The Kahuna’s got a chance to experience the WTHR Health & Fitness Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall. As many of you know, we have recently re-started our fitness lifestyle. We take the little people to play at the park. Michelle and I have Fitbit challenges to see who can complete more steps in a day and I am hosting a You Can Donut 5k. FYI I am undefeated in the Fitbit challenge. The health expo let the kids try some activities for the first time.

MaM and The Fox took an introductory tennis course, went through a gymnastics obstacle, and watched a USA Gymnastics presentation with a trampoline.

The most exciting part for MaM was racing Michelle through the obstacle course sponsored by the Indiana State Police. MaM and Michelle completed burpees, a medicine ball carry, and big tire push. I’ll let you read her account of this on her blog at Gotchababy.


One of the highlights was the family portrait/bike race on the Nine 13 Sports bike exhibit. I won three races. The best part, for me, was watching MaM helpThe Fox finish the race by helping him peddle.

The health expo goes through today at 5pm at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. For tickets, go to WTHR.com/EXPO. For free tickets, enter the promo code HEALTH. Hope you can check it out.

Disclosure: I was given free admission to the health expo in exchange for posting about the event on social networks. You can follow my crazy on Twitter and Instagram with the #13HealthExpo hashtag