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The You Can Donut 5k


I get asked this question a lot. What is this crazy 5k event? The You Can Donut 5k is a free event that can be walked or ran from wherever you are during the last weekend of the quarter. There are three requirements, you must be healthy enough to walk a 5k, you must train for it, and you have to post about your experience on the Facebook event page. That’s it.

The goal of this 5k is to start a healthy habit of exercise. By training three to four times a week, you can start to make this a healthy habit. Hopefully you will experience the health benefits that I have. These range from having more energy to keep up with my kids to losing weight. It has even helped my mood.

How do you start? Great question. Start by walking around your neighborhood. Walk five minutes in one direction and head back home. Over time, slowly increase the time you walk. Walk at a comfortable pace. You want to have a relaxed pace. This is not a race. It may take some people an hour to walk three miles. That’s perfectly acceptable. The point is, they’re out walking. You may notice some people are faster than you, that’s all right. As long as your out doing something, you’re winning.

This is a virtual 5k. This means you can complete it anywhere in the world at any time between Friday, June 27th, and Sunday, June 29th. Now you can’t tell me you don’t have time to do this. You have 72 hours to complete a three mile jog. You can Donut! Walk around your neighborhood. Walk the Monon Trail or the indoor track at the Monon Center. Another place you can walk is the road around the Castleton Square Mall on the northeast side of Indianapolis. That track is 1.5 miles. Where ever you walk, make sure you are safe.

I encourage you to join our fitness family and walk or run with us on the weekend of 6/27 to 6/29. Join our Facebook event page and start walking.