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Kahuna Posistivty Manifesto – Adventures with Friends. August 18th, 2016

Good morning Big Sexy people!
Happy Thursday!
A couple weeks ago, the Kahuna’s visited an indoor water park resort. This place also had a wizard adventure for the kids. You know, you go around the resort with a wand and collect virtual things. Basically, four floors near the atrium of kids running around with plastic sticks thinking their wizards. 
The kids founds other children their own age to go on this adventure with. Before they started exploring, we met the kids and their parents. Then, we let them go on this magical adventure. 
The point of this post, adventures are a lot more fun with friends. The Kahuna Kid’s ran through out the wizard play area for hours. These kids had no idea who these kids were but they were brought together through this game. After an hour into the game, you would have thought they were friends for ever. And these kids interacted with other kids in a decent manner. There were some kids who were being mean, is happens. What did my kids do when faced with the mean kids? They moved on and didn’t let these idiots ruin a fun time. 

We should be this open to new adventures with friends. Make plans to have lunch with someone other than eating alone. Find a friend to hit the gym at lunch time. Go for a walk or run. Call them up and say “Hey friend, let’s do something!” 
Want to live a happier life, be more social. Get out and laugh more. 

Tomorrow is Big Win Friday. I’d love to hear your big wins for the week. 
Be awesome!

Be Big Sexy!
I love you all!

This post is part of my Kahuna Positivity Manifesto. Treat positivity like cross fit or training for a marathon, tell as many people as possible all the time.

Big Fella Buckaroo Weight Loss Challenge – Two Months


Two month into this challenge. Down 15.6 and finally crossed the 240 threshold. I’m a little behind my pace by 0.4. We’ll make it up in March.
Today, I set a goal of running four miles in 40 minutes. With some work, I ran it in 36 minutes. I know there are plenty of people who can run four miles a lot faster than 36 minutes. But, this was my Everest and I did it. This has to be my fastest treadmill time for any distance. The treadmill looked like a satellite trying to renter the atmosphere.

Things are going well. It’s a slow go but we got this.

If you’re thinking about starting a wellness journey and not sure where to start…just start. Just start walking down the path and don’t overthink it. Just donut.

Happiness Project-Playing Zombie Attack With My Kids


This week on the Kahuna Happiness Project,

Last weekend, I ran around a nature preserve while chasing my kids and pretending to be a zombie. It was unbelievably awesome. We were together, we were outside, we were playing, and mamma bear got to do her thing for the play she’s producing. It was the same as going to the park, except, it was in a small forest.

Since we live near the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, we were able to go on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, it was a Fox and me day. Don’t tell MaM, but the Saturday adventure ended up with a shake and ice cream. Sunday, both kids got to be zombie victims. After a poll on Twitter and Facebook, we determined that if it is daytime, these zombies are friendly. If it was spoken on the internet, it must be true. To alleviate his own fear of zombies, The Fox kept telling me I was a friendly zombie.


Spending time and playing with my kids makes me very happy. Getting to see them enjoy the outdoors is an awesome thing thing to watch. Although they keep looking for deer, them screaming as they run away from me scare the the deer away from the kids and I. With my responsibilities at work increasing and the kids getting more involved in extracurricular activities, I need to make the time I spend with them extreme quality time. That mean reducing the time I spend staring at my phone reading status updates and looking at cat pictures. I am not trying to be preachy, this is what I need to do to be happy. If you think I’m a nut for wanting to spend time with my kids, you are more than welcome to. I pray you come to your senses before your kids become adults with their own lives. I want to think that most dads would want to spend time with their families.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being most awesome, on the Kahuna Happiness Scale, playing with my kids at the nature preserve ranked a ten.

Get out and spend some time with your kids. Do it this weekend. You don’t have to plan, your kids just want to spend time with you. Just go with the flow.

As the weather gets warmer, I think I will bring back a feature we had last year on the blog, Parks We Visit and Play At. I just write up a short blurb about the parks we go to and whether or not the kids like them. We may also bring back the “Hot Mom” rating. We’ll have to see about that last one. If this is the one blog post my wife actually reads, we will not have a Hot Mom rating this year.

Take Care and Be Awesome,



My New Quest: How Do People Achieve Happiness?

I am on a new quest, to find out what makes people happy. You can call this the Kahuna Happiness Project(KHP). I am going on a mission to explore what makes people happy. I won’t be asking my wife this question because it will probably revolve around me doing the dishes. I want to talk to people about how they define happiness. How do you define it? What ( family friendly ) things make you happy? I wonder if the people who are working minimum  wage jobs are happy with their lives. Not that money is everything, but how do they view happiness.

What you do you think it is? Money, fame, recognition, power, serving others? I have no idea. I really don’t even know what makes me happy anymore. I enjoy my family, my job, and the things I do. But, am I happy? Or is this like The Matrix? One thing that does make me happy is exercising. That is one thing that I have consistently worked at over the last six months. I see working out as my therapy sessions. Of course there is some neurological activity happening there, but I feel a lot better on the days I exercise than the days I don’t. If I go two days without exercising, I get a little antsy. Three days and there’s a good chance someone is going to get hurt.

A couple weeks ago, we did the Free Hugs Indy event. That seemed to make people happy. Both the huggers and the huggees really enjoyed the event. In a couple weeks, we have a virtual 5k. There is a lot of chatter on our Facebook event page about people looking forward to this event at the end of March. That make me happy to see people bettering themselves.

I am reading a book that is a 52 week plan to live a more enjoyable life. I just started it and I am making some small habit modifications. The focus is taking care of me. Weeks one and two are about meditation and eating better. Yeah, easy start because I am already on that plan.Yes, I eat better. I am still working on mediation. I hope this does not chill me out too much.

So, our blogging journey is going to take a slightly different direction in the next few months. We are still going to have some fun but it will probably be a lot more calmer than the past couple of years. In social media they call it “re-branding”. At least that’s what I learned on Twitter. I hope you stick around. If you are an unhappy person, you may learn something. Or just stop reading and go away, it’s ok, I am not offended. If that makes you happy, that’s awesome.

Take Care,