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Lent 2015, Let’s do this!



We are talking to the little people about Lent and sacrifice. As we went through the discussion, the nine year old asks what we will be giving up for Lent this year. Of course my wife had an answer. Then again, she’s the smart one. I’m just the super market eye candy. At this point, the kids turned to me and stared. Waiting for me to answer. Like any average sales person who has watched The Wolf Of Wallstreet, they knew the next couple minutes were critical. The first person to talk loses the negotiation. So we stared for a couple minutes and I yelled the first three things that were troubling me. SODA, FAST FOOD AND FACEBOOK. It was like the scene, in A Christmas Story, when the boy dropped the lug nuts while the father changed the tire. Except I said something crazier than the S word.

As I sat there, I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth. I just told my kids I was going to give up my three favorite thing for 40 days. I can’t go 40 hours without those things. How am I to go 40 days cold turkey. At that moment, the kids ran up to their room and came back down stairs with all the money they could muster. They threw the money on the table and yelled “LETS MAKE THIS INTERESTING!”

Someone’s kids have been watching to much television. We’ll discuss that on here at a later time.

Maybe it’s time to let my thumbs and body take a 40 day rest. Maybe they’re right. Last week, my son said my nickname should be “Mr Twitter”.

Well…let’s give this a go. To one up this Lenten challenge, I will be giving up social media, soda and fast food. This should be interesting.

But, kahuna, what about your personal brand??? Are you scared your Klout will drop? I’m okay with that.

Side note: I am not totally giving up social media, I was on the fence about 40 days of no contact from my Big Fella accountability group. So, every night for five minutes I will check in with the group. Why? Because I need them and they need me. Part of my Big Fella success lies with them. Their success inspires me. I will not be posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I will be posting weekly Big Fella Weight Loss Updates from this site and some motivational posts after the big runs coming up this month. As well as the Balcony Dad site Where I write about dad stuff.

So…how many days do you think I make it? My kids think I’ll crack in the first 24 hours. My wife doesn’t think I’ll make it to sundown.

What’s the longest you think you could go without these three things?

Take care, be awesome.

“Guys in Ties for Success” The Fox Gets Classy

The Fox in a tie
The Fox in a tie

How many of you wear ties for work? Do you have to or is it by choice?
I have not worn a tie for work since I left my photography job over ten years ago. It was part of the job requirement. I have worn one for special events and I know how to tie one. But, it is not part of my wardrobe anymore.
I ask because tomorrow, The Fox is participating in “Guys in Ties for Success” at his school. It looks like this is going to be a weekly event. I told him I will support him by wearing a tie on Thursdays as well.

I wore a tie for throughout high school. Every school day from October to the end of April.

We just found out about this so we didn’t have a chance to get a kid sized tie. So the know on the tie is as big as his fist. On a side note, all my ties are older than my kids.

I think the next step will be to teach him how to take the tie off, without undoing it, and hang it on the rear view mirror. Do people still do that? Or was that an 80’s thing. I remember helping an adult neighbor with a tie in the late 80’s.

Do you sons participate in this program, or a similar program, at your school?

Take care and be awesome.

Man Card Violation – Valentine’s Day Shopping Completed A Week Before Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know. I can’t believe either. It sneaks up on us men every year.

Are you ready?

Don’t F it up like you did last year.

Get get something nice. Real nice. I’m saying go all out. It’s Valentine’s Day, you’re not proposing to her(or him). This year I did go all out. Yes, I just implied I have finished my Valentine’s day shopping for the 2013 season. Here’s my Man Card. Let me know when I can have it back.

I went all out for my special ladies. I have two beautiful ladies in my life. My wife, Michelle and my daughter, MaM. I got them the $3.99 card. It’s a beauty. When you open it a monkey holding a chicken pops out throwing gold glitter. You don’t get that on the $.99 level or even the $1.99 level. My lucky ladies. ¬†They’re going to flip their lids.

Seriously, it’s coming up next week. Don’t forget the special people in your lives. Especially don’t forget your wife. You can’t afford to buy a monkey holding a chicken card? Get out a sheet of paper and a Caron and make something up and work in the words “I”, “Love”, and “You”.

Don’t use glitter. The only people who love glitter are girls under 12, women who dance on poles, and dudes, like me, who like unicorns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I am still in shock I bought this stuff before 5pm on 2/14 on my way home from work. I had to buy three cards to get the free gift. So, this year, The Fox gets a card too.

I learned that if you shop early, you get a better selection of cards for your cat. The more you know.