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My 2016 Goal, Focusing On My Family 

Happy New Year!

I think 2016 is going to be a great year. 

Can I tell you a little secret? I think every year is going to be great. Why? Because I go into every year expecting the best and look at the positive events. Every January 1st, I am pretty sure I proclaim this will be a great year. 

This past year ended with siding being blown off my house in a December wind storm. It looked pretty bad and a little less than a quarter of the siding came off the back off the house. From the look of some of the other houses in the neighborhood, we got pretty lucky. Other houses had roof damage and they lost siding on the entire side of the house. Right now, it’s covered and we’re working with the insurance company. 

I have one goal for 2016. That’s it. My goal is get my family and myself to the end of the year in one piece. For the next 365 days, I’m focusing on family. 

How can we communicate better?

How can we go longer periods of time without electronics?

How can the kids become more mindful?

How can the kids become more empathetic towards other?

How can I better help my kids work through some of the disappointments of growing up?

How can I build a stronger relationship with my kids and wife?

How can I be more available at home while working on the extracurricular activities I’m volunteer with?

How can I be a better person?

These are some of the things I’m going to work on this year. The list will probably grow. I know it will grow and that’s fine, adapt and change. 

Two things The Rookie Dad was going to focus on this year was patience and consistency. 

Everything else is secondary. Lots of other things can change. Family is forever. We are  stuck together whether we like it or not. 

Take care and be awesome and big sexy. 

Things That Suck, Friends Dying From Cancer

Last Sunday, the world lost an awesome person. My friend, Chris Maples lost his short battle with cancer. The last we heard, he was out of the forest. Chemo treatment was completed and he was recovering from the last treatment. Things looked good. He was in the clear from an aggressive form of cancer.

This is the first time I have lost a friend.

Many of you have probably experienced this. It sucks. I keep thinking about his family, his wife and two young children. I cannot even begin to imaging what they are going through right now. I scares me.

For those of you who knew Chris, you remember his amazing personality, his dedication to his family, and his love of craft beer. He was an all around great guy.

He invited me to a party at his house a couple years ago. I wrote down the wrong date and showed up at his house the night before. What did he do? Invited me into his house to have a beer and share some laughs. After that, any time he was sharing information with a date, he made sure to make sure I wrote down the correct date.

He loved to bust my chops over that. That was just the type of guy he was. Big heart and a friend for life.

I miss him already. I keep checking his Facebook page waiting for this to be some practical joke. I know it’s not a joke. I just keep hoping.

I met Chris when he was with Dads Inc and joined the Aux Board at Partners In Housing when he asked me to apply. He opened my eyes to help and serve others. He lived to help the underprivileged. At a recent board meeting, the group was talking about how optimistic Chris could be. I remember the group was joking about his ‘everything is going to be okay’ attitude. His optimism was amazing.

I, as well as many other people, miss you.

Your friend.

Why I Don’t Embarrass My Kids Online

Every so often, someone asks why don’t I tell embarrass stories about my kids on online social networks. There’s a couple of reasons why I don’t do this. I have noticed a lot of people who do. I am not a fan of embarrassing anyone, I just don’t think it’s cool. It’s just not my thing.

My children did not sign up to be online. My posts are about my life and my experiences. My world, shared with the online world. Of course, I choose what to share and what not to share. believe it or not, there are a lot of things I don’t share. I try to share my experiences in a humorous way. Even with the way I use humor in my writing, I try not to tell embarrassing stories about my wife either. In our house, we have three rules. Don’t be mean. Don’t be rude. Always be funny. If it’s funny, you can throw the first two rules away. Those three rules apply to everything. From in person interactions to online social networks. These rules have been in place since we were married in 2001.

My secret main reason I do not post negative things about my kids and family online is due to a recurring nightmare I have. It is thirty years in the future. I am living with my kids and I have to wear an adult diaper. Long story. In this dream, I need a lot of help to change the diaper. I mean, I need a really scary nightmare amount of help. You know, because it’s a nightmare. And instead of helping me with my urgent need, they are reading all the embarrassing posts back to me. Every single post. One by one and they keep taking pictures of me and posting them online.

Does your family have rules for talking about the family outside the family?

Have an awesome weekend and be awesome,

In today’s parenting news…..I don’t know how to make a sandwich

I learned two important things yesterday. One happened in the morning, and the other in the evening.

I was helping The Fox make his usual breakfast. Which consists of a peanut butter on toast sandwich. The Fox eats this meal almost every morning. Seriously, every day. It is one of his favorite meals. I have made this for hom many times before. But, this morning was different. This was the morning he decided to tell me how to make the sandwich. “Dad, you put the peanut butter on the inside.” Then it hit me. He doesn’t think I can cook or make a sandwich. His instructions were very specific.

Later that night, I was reading The Fox a bedtime story. It was some Lego Heros book that we got from the library. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks and he has mostly memorized the story and a good percentage of the words. While reading the story to him, he started correcting me on my reading. Correcting me with what he thought was the correct words in the sentence. Does he not think I can read?

So it has begun, the youngest child is going to start correcting me at everything I do for him.

Woo Hoo, lucky me.