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I failed and I’m okay with that.

Big Fella buckaroo weight loss challenge

I don’t think I’m going hit the 40 pound goal.
I know I won’t hit it. I’m sitting at 15 pounds with two weeks to go.

Guess what?
I’m fine with this.
Totally fine. It is what it is. I need to learn from it and move on to the next thing. 

Why did I fail? I didn’t work hard enough and I set the bar too high. But y’all know how I do things, right? Go big or go home. I would like to blame moving for my failure. I want to say that was part of it. I just fell off the horse too many times.

I ran a marathon during this period. I didn’t lose a ton of weight, but I set a PR of 5h42m  

Things I learned
Exercise alone won’t do this. I need to eat a lot cleaner. A lot cleaner.
Exercise helped with my mental health. I feel great, both mentally and physically.
The push-up challenge has helped me build upper body strength to complete not one but almost four pull-ups. Last December, I was shocked and suprised to complete ONE pull-up.  

The plan
I was going to go to mid May. I am going to cut my loss and end this challenge at the end of April. Fifteen pounds is nothing to sneeze at. This weight loss has made a difference. My clothes fit better and I no longer look pregnant.

What’s Next?
New goal. I am going to go for conservative goal. Two months, twelve pounds. Starting May first. That’s 1.5 pounds a week. The plan is to eat cleaner. Since Lent, I have really cut back on my fast food adventures. Last week, we went out for lunch after the math meet and I ordered a medium sized meal. My wife wanted to take me to the hospital for a mental evaluation because of that.  Just stop eating there people say. It’s a psychological thing. I’m starting to reach why I go there. I’m not ready to share that yet. When I do, I don’t  think people will believe it. No, I was not touched by the clown.

MaM challenged me to go two weeks without sugary drinks. I’ll take that bet  

Let do this.
Time to be more big sexy.

Big Fella Weight Loss Challenge The Dirty Dozen starts in 15 hours  

Take care, be awesome, and be big sexy.

Thanks for reading  


Big Fella Buckaroo Weight Loss Journey Update


Well, up a little less than a pound this week. I think there was two issues that led to this. One was a new scale. The scale at home hates me. It’s a lot less generous than the scale at the gym. I stress ate a little this week. I have a sales offer on my home that came a lot earlier than we thought it would and there’s a possibility of me being homeless in April. The stress eating is also from hearing all the money that gets spent on a new home.  

I am freaking out just writing about it. I know everything is going to work out. It almost always does. Well, except for that one time. 

We are looking at new homes and it’s stressing me out even more. Okay take a deep breath. I got this. I hope I can got this. Please tell me I got this. 

I’m still running. Didn’t get the strength workouts in n this past week. I think I hit my 2000 push-up goal. I’ll have to check. 

I ran 140 miles in February. I am feeling good about the Carmel marathon coming up. My average daily mileage has bumped up to six miles per run. The intervals are still happening. Although the walking segment is getting shorter. I started running at the Monon Center in Carmel. On that track, there are eight laps to a mile. I’ve been trying to walk one lap and run three. Each lap is .12 miles long. Over the last couple of runs, I’ve been trying to walk half a lap and run three and a half laps.

Big Fella Buckaroo Update – February 21st


Here we are. Another week. Another couple pounds. Happy to report I’m down another two pounds. Wasn’t sure we were going to hit the goal this week, but thanks to a five mile run and strength workout, we got there.

For Lent I gave up soda and fast food. That’s probably going to help with Operation Big Fella.

In addition to that and all the cardio, I started more body weight exercises during the week. Before the workouts were random, now it’s three times a week. I’ll post more about that workout in the future. It involves assisted pull-ups, push-ups, squats and burpees. It’s a beast workout for sure.

We did have our moment this week. We found out we needed a new furnace. Normally, that would have lead me straight to a fast food joint. This time, I was able to keep my cool. I stress ate a banana and two apples. But this time I took my frustrations to the gym and ran five miles. I was proud of myself. I did it. Baby steps to a new lifestyle.

The social media fast is going well. I’m not dead, seriously ill or in rehab to kick my Brony issues. Also, I didn’t pass out at a house recently. I’m doing well. One day, I did have the incredible urge to take a picture of my food and post it on a (all) social media network(s). I didn’t. I took a picture and texted it to a friend. Today in Indy it snowed. I wasn’t looking at my phone to see if it snowed. I actually got out of bed and went to the window to see that it snowed. I also had the urge to Tweet #Timber. I didn’t. For me, one goal is to spend more time living life and less time living on the phone. I don’t want to be that guy walking around looking into his phone all the time.

Speaking of snow, I have a great new workout to share with you. It’s called shoveling snow. It does wonders and feels like a full body workout. Pro tip, it you start to feel tired or winded, take a break. Dudes don’t send Facebook stickers, text emojis, or have heart attacks after snow storms. Hashtag dude pro tips blessed

Everything else is going well. Except for the new furnace. Kids and wife are doing well. Gotchababy is having a successful run at her weight loss efforts. I am so proud of her.

What victories have you celebrated this past week? Did you get your ass kicked last week? Trust me, I know it isn’t easy. Hang in there, you got this.

Weight lost – 17.6
Percent lost – 7%
Pounds from goal – 22.9

This post is part of a five month weight loss journey that started on December 15th, 2014. My goal is to lose two pounds a week. This may seem like a lot to lose to some people, but this is my journey and my story. So if you don’t like it…you know what to do to yourself.