Good morning Big Sexy people!

Good morning Big Sexy people!
I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been thinking about you since Big Win Friday. 
I’ve been busy getting back into life after being off for a couple days. I spent spent Saturday driving all day. We got a flat two miles from the US border. Ugh. Caught up with the kids on Sunday. Worked on getting out of email jail at work yesterday. Went from over 350 emails to 18 workable tasks that in ten hours. 
Michelle and I went to Stratford, Ontario, to celebrate our anniversary. We left the kids at Camp Grandma. Great place. If you like the theater and are looking for a quick trip, check it out. It’s a fun place. 
On the way home, we started discussing civility. When did so many people start becoming uncivilized? When did the norm become to start verbally attacking a person just because you don’t agree with them. I think it started when the chances of the person attacking back had absolutely no chance of showing up and clocking us in the mouth. 
I’m going back to not discussing politics, religion or money in public. We need more people acting like proper ladies and gentlemen. Call me a prude, it’s all right. Something needs to change. 
We need to pass this life skill on to our kids. Just because you can share your opinion on something, doesn’t mean you have to every time. 
If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. 
Be awesome!

Be Big Sexy!

I love what you do! 
I love you all!
This post is part of my Kahuna Positivity Manifesto. Treat positivity like cross fit or training for a marathon, tell as many people as possible all the time.



My 2016 Goal, Focusing On My Family 

Happy New Year!

I think 2016 is going to be a great year. 

Can I tell you a little secret? I think every year is going to be great. Why? Because I go into every year expecting the best and look at the positive events. Every January 1st, I am pretty sure I proclaim this will be a great year. 

This past year ended with siding being blown off my house in a December wind storm. It looked pretty bad and a little less than a quarter of the siding came off the back off the house. From the look of some of the other houses in the neighborhood, we got pretty lucky. Other houses had roof damage and they lost siding on the entire side of the house. Right now, it’s covered and we’re working with the insurance company. 

I have one goal for 2016. That’s it. My goal is get my family and myself to the end of the year in one piece. For the next 365 days, I’m focusing on family. 

How can we communicate better?

How can we go longer periods of time without electronics?

How can the kids become more mindful?

How can the kids become more empathetic towards other?

How can I better help my kids work through some of the disappointments of growing up?

How can I build a stronger relationship with my kids and wife?

How can I be more available at home while working on the extracurricular activities I’m volunteer with?

How can I be a better person?

These are some of the things I’m going to work on this year. The list will probably grow. I know it will grow and that’s fine, adapt and change. 

Two things The Rookie Dad was going to focus on this year was patience and consistency. 

Everything else is secondary. Lots of other things can change. Family is forever. We are  stuck together whether we like it or not. 

Take care and be awesome and big sexy. 

Weekly Goals

What are your goals for the week?

1. 10k Fitbit steps a day. Going to 5k walk each morning.
2. Less sugar intake. Less soda and more water. At least 64oz a day.  I’ll track in the Fitbit app.
3. Crush my enemies, trolls and haters.
4. Be awesome.
5. Be big sexy.

What about you?
What are you working on this week to be a more awesome you?

I post my goals each week to hold myself accountable and to inspire other to do the same. Are you looking to make a change in your life? Think about the things you want to change. Choose one of two things you want to work on and move forward with it.

Don’t complicate it. Pick one or two things and work on those for the week. Let me know how you did!

You can also follow my progress on Twitter @BgKahuna and on Facebook.

Big Win Friday!




Big win Friday!

Did you have a big win this past week?

What is a big win? It’s anything you conquered this past week. It could be as simple as walked before work three days this week to you finally completed that task you’ve been putting off for weeks.

You don’t have to share it here. Be mindful of the goal. Be proud of yourself for completing it.

For my kids, I bet their big win would be completing another year of school and moving onto the next grade. In reality, it would be completing the school year and getting their electronic devices back. Yes, we are those parents.

For me, I did four pull-ups last night while on my walk. I’m also on day eleven of my 5k a day. I’m one day behind. I hope to make it up on Friday afternoon.

These may not be incredibly big wins for you. They are for me.

Have a great day!