Sense Ain’t Common at the 2017 Indy Fringe Fest

Michelle and I waiting to get into Sense Ain’t Common at Comedy Sportz on Mass Mass.

Tonight, Michelle and I went to see one of the many performances at the 2017 Indy Fringe Fest. We saw comedian Stewart Huff and his performance “Sense Ain’t Common”. Mr. Huff is a touring stand-up comedian who tells humorous stories instead of jokes. He is one of those “make you think” storytellers. He shares stories about getting kicked out of the Arc Encounter in Kentucky and a cruise ship. This guy has a problem with boats. But he also talks about a bigger message of helping and listening to others. He shared a story about his love of the conversation that occurs at truck stops in the lounge. When hearing something he may not agree with, he asks what the person means by what they said. Not to argue with them but to learn where other people are coming from.

Think about that, rather than arguing with a stranger and telling them they are wrong, he listens to them to find out why they are saying what they are saying and writes the responses in his notebook. I may start doing this. I think we can use more of that in the world.

This is an over 18 performance because he uses some mature language. This was a great show and we really enjoyed it. We will definitely put Mr. Huff on the watch list for future festivals.

The Indy Fringe Fest  is an 11 day festival with eight stages and 72 shows on Mass Ave. There is something for everyone. There are even some shows for kids and families. This is our fourth year visiting the fest. We have been lucky to never have been disappointed in a show.

For more information about some of the shows, check out Indy Fringe Talks . This is a site of independent reviews from some of Indy’s top bloggers. You can also follow them on Twitter  and Instagram  and using the #IndyFringe17 hashtag.

Sense Ain’t Common has three more performances on August 22nd, 23rd and 26th. See site for show times. Show time from the Indy Fringe Fest page, please check the box office before heading to the show.

I was not compensated for my review. This is a personal review of one of the many shows happening on Mass Ave. this week. You can also find reviews by my wife Michelle on the Indy Fringe Talks page.  

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