Big Sexy Soldier Dispatch – April 2nd Edition

Good morning my big sexy soldiers!

How are you all doing?

Things have been going well here. We are wrapping up spring break. We survived.

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. They have challenged me. They have shared content talking about stepping outside my comfort zone. I am working on a positivity manifesto. This is going to be the Kahuna Awesomeness Positivity Manifesto.

This living document is going to be my road map to living an awesome life. Is my life awesome, to me yes. To you, maybe not. But guess what, I am pretty okay with that. A friend told me a story this past week, one of the key phrases was this, “You do you, Boo!”.

This my be the first element of the Kahuna Awesomeness Positivity Manifesto.

Be awesome!

Be big sexy!

You do you, Boo!

I love you all.

Have an awesome day!

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