Big Fella Buckaroo Weight Loss Journey Update


Well, up a little less than a pound this week. I think there was two issues that led to this. One was a new scale. The scale at home hates me. It’s a lot less generous than the scale at the gym. I stress ate a little this week. I have a sales offer on my home that came a lot earlier than we thought it would and there’s a possibility of me being homeless in April. The stress eating is also from hearing all the money that gets spent on a new home.  

I am freaking out just writing about it. I know everything is going to work out. It almost always does. Well, except for that one time. 

We are looking at new homes and it’s stressing me out even more. Okay take a deep breath. I got this. I hope I can got this. Please tell me I got this. 

I’m still running. Didn’t get the strength workouts in n this past week. I think I hit my 2000 push-up goal. I’ll have to check. 

I ran 140 miles in February. I am feeling good about the Carmel marathon coming up. My average daily mileage has bumped up to six miles per run. The intervals are still happening. Although the walking segment is getting shorter. I started running at the Monon Center in Carmel. On that track, there are eight laps to a mile. I’ve been trying to walk one lap and run three. Each lap is .12 miles long. Over the last couple of runs, I’ve been trying to walk half a lap and run three and a half laps.

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