A Word To The Wise. Listening To Smart People. A #ThinkKit Post

Today’s #ThinkKit prompt was “What was the wisest decision you made this year?”

The wisest decision I made this year was at the advice of my friend Hazel Walker. Many people know how she is. Yes, that Hazel. She’s like Prince. You can say her first name and everyone know’s who you are talking about.

I ran into H at an event downtown. Just a chance crossing. Every so often, her path crosses my path. We were talking about the future of BgKahuna and where I should take it.I did not know where to go with it. Like all pieces of good advice, you don’t listen to it right away. Why, because we, as a species are very stupid. Even though someone, who has walked in your shoes, has been there we don’t hear the message. We can’t let ourselves listen to the truth. She gave me a lot things to think about. Most of these ideas I was working on at the time and Hazel confirmed them. I felt good because I was on the right track.

I went home and didn’t act on our discussion. Why, because sometimes I’m stupid and stubborn to listen to smart people. Yeah, it happens to all of us. After a couple months, I started thinking about my conversation with Hazel. Why a couple months, did I mention I was Irish and stubborn? Yeah, a great combination. I wasn’t just thinking about what we talked about, I started acting on it. I started down the path of positive living. Using this blog to help others find happiness and the mental strength to overcome anything. I mean ANYTHING. If you follow me on Twitter, you know we can donut!

I am still in the early stages of this transformation. I changed the design of the blog. I am writing and sharing more positive material. I am reading more about psychology and happiness to be able to share that as well. This change has made me a better person and parent. Even though I didn’t hear the advice of a smart person, I was listening to her. Believe it or not, what she said did sink into my thick skull. I just had to move on my terms and pace.

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5 thoughts on “A Word To The Wise. Listening To Smart People. A #ThinkKit Post

  1. You know Leilan I believe that it is my higher purpose in this life to be contribution to others in whatever small way that I can. I often give advice, a connection, a referral, a kind word or a butt kick to people when the opportunity arises. But I am never sure if it made a difference or not until much later or sometimes never.

    To read this and know that I have been able to contribute in some small way to what you are up to in this life makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing the story!

  2. It’s true that if you say “do you know Hazel W..” you don’t have to say her last name half the time.

    I think it’s true that advice we get—even if we ask for it—takes a long time to take hold. We are not used to the idea of change, even though we need it!

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