A Strange Thing Happened At @Speedway. A #ThinkKit Post.

Typical gas station pizza report post.
Typical gas station pizza report post.
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt was to share a wacky or weird experience. Hmmmmmmmm…let me see. What do I write about on day three of this writing challenge? Most of the new readers on this page may not be familiar with what I do. I am an “experience junkie”. I want to experience it all while I am on the rock floating around the sun. I love to do different things.
Strange and weird are such subjective words. The definition is in the eye of the individual. Most people who know me are well aware how far from normal my definition of strange can be. Because strange and weird are what motivate “experience junkies”. Past events I have completed include running a marathon while taking and posting pictures to Twitter, shaving my head for Make-A-Wish, to ringing a bell for 60 hours straight for the Salvation Army to selfies with Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson’s father. The last one, these two men were not in the same selfie. Recently, I asked on Twitter what I should add to my social media resume for a corporate social media position. I had forgotten many events my followers and friends reminded me of doing.
However, every so often, something comes along and makes me think “whoa, that was pretty messed up”. Over the past couple of years, I posted pictures of the gas station pizza display whenever I’d fill my car with gas. Yes, I’d fill my car up and then run inside to take a picture for my Instagram account. True, that in itself is wacky and weird. But, that’s not what freaked me out this past year. Eventually, people started commenting on these and I had a thing. My own viral thing. People would request these pictures. I remember being in Ohio and receiving a tweet from April Gregory demanding a “Gas Station Pizza Report”. I know right, my viral thing eventually got a proper viral name.  Another day, I was emceeing an event and someone yelled “Hey! That’s the Jarred of Gas station pizza!” I see the irony of being the pizza guy and associated with a healthy guy.
Then Speedway gas stations joined the mix. Speedway started communicating with me on Twitter. Nothing big at first, just general engagement you would expect from a major brand. Then I got the Twitter DM. We want to come to Indianapolis and meet you. I honestly thought it was a gag. Even after we set up a date and location, I kept thinking “I’m getting punk’d”.
On the day of the meeting, I was extremely hesitant because I didn’t know what was going to happen. In the crazy I create, I have some control of the situation. Here, I had none. I met their social media team and their intern. They were all very nice and normal. They gave me a cooler, some t-shirts, a gift card, and a VIP Membership card with my name on it. My favorite part was the guy taking pictures with his iPad. To me, that’s strange.
iPad is a camera.
iPad is a camera.
Even after our meeting, I wondered why they drove to Indianapolis to meet me. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome experience. Why would someone take time out of their day to meet me? I got to sample a new line of pizzas they were introducing and my picture was featured on their Facebook page. Strange but true.
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I love strange and weird experiences. This one recent event is something that was very strange and weird to me. To keep with the strange and weird theme, I wrote this post from a hot tub at the gym. I know, right, who does stuff like that? I guess I do.

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  1. This is great! …and strange!
    My favorite part was “My favorite part was the guy taking pictures with his iPad. To me, that’s strange.”& the supplemental photo – I LOLed. Haha

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