How To Be Involved In Your Community. A #ThinkKit Prompt

Today is day six of the Think Kit writing project. Yes, it’s a day late. The prompt asked how will you be involved in your community is 2014. Currently, there are two projects worth sharing with you. Both work to build smaller communities to make our community a better place.

The first one is the Kahuna Virtual 5k. This is a quarterly training program geared to get people off the couch and moving. Over the course of the next three months, participants train to run or walk a 5k, 3.1 miles. The beauty of this is it’s free to parcipate and you can do it from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what a participant’s skill level is. Runner, non-runner, walker, or never walked more than the distance of a parking lot at work. Last year, forty people joined us. Some folks had never completed a 5k. Some were trying to set a personal record. Some joined for the socialization. The point is these folks got off the couch and got active while building an exercise community.

Beer and Crayons is a social group for dads. It started earlier this year. The focus is to meet up once a month and hang out with other dads. The primary goal is socialization. The second goal is positive parenting. Chances are any parenting issue you may be having is not that unique. A dad could reach out into this network and seek advice from other fathers who may have experienced similar issues. This group was formed this past summer. Beer and Crayons fills a social void in Indianapolis. I know of one other dads group. This social group helps dads become better parents by using the experiences of others to help them be successful parents. If you would like more information, check the page on Facebook.

This is part of the ThinkKit 31 Days of Blogging. Every day, bloggers in the challenge receive a writing prompt and blog about it. This program is to inspire daily writing. For more information, check out the ThinkKit website.

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