Embrace The #Selfie, They’re Here To Stay

#Selfie of me and a squirrel
I got bad news for some of you. As long as people are able to create their own content and they have access to digital cameras in smart phones, there will always be people creating self portraits. AKA #Selfies. As a photographer, I am totally cool with this. I think it’s an awesome form of self expression. What I don’t understand is the backlash of #selfies. I have won several humorous speech contests and have been asked, “What should I talk about in my speech?”. My advice is always talk about something you are very familiar with, you. I have created blog content and am frequently asked, “What should I blog about?”. You know you best and you are the best source of information about you. So, when there is content to create that matches the internet and the camera on your smartphone, I say take more #selfies. It’s a visual expression of you.
#Selfie of green me
My photography career started when I was in 8th grade. I took pictures for the school newspaper and yearbook. Making photographs has been ‘my thing’ for a long time. Before cameras were tethered to smartphones, pictures people took of themselves were know as self portraits. The #selfie is nothing new. I am sure people were posting #selfies on the cave walls five thousand years ago. How do I know this? Because as longs as people could express themselves, I am sure there was always one person saying “Look at me! Here I am!” Because, there is always one of those people. I think I am one of those people.
#Selfie of me and Mike Tyson

As many of you know, I love the #selfie. Many people on Twitter think I created the #selfie. I wish I did. When people think of @BgKahuna, they think of glitter, unicorns, and #selfies. Yes, and in that order. It’s one of my favorite forms of expression and I love seeing pictures of people. Before #selfie became an official word in the Oxford English DIctionary, I created a Facebook photo album titled 2013 Self Portraits. As of today, there are 215 photos in the album, not including a bunch of photos in an Instagram folder that I have not transferred yet. I hope to have more than 300 self portraits, by year’s end.
#Selfie of me, my wife, and the Wienermobile
#Selfies are a real time photo capture of what’s going on in someone life right now. You are recording a moment in your life and sometimes sharing it with the world.
#Selfie on the front page of the newspaper.

I can understand why so many people complain about the #selfie movement. If I looked like the people complaining about #selfies, I wouldn’t post a picture of myself either. A psychologist friend once told me people who do not post pictures of their faces are more likely than not guilty of something in their subconscious and feel if they show their face, people could tell they weren’t being honest. Side note, I am not a fan of the word #selfie, I just like how it irritates people.

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5 thoughts on “Embrace The #Selfie, They’re Here To Stay

  1. I agree with Hazel – your selfies are fun to watch. Now how can you get more glitter and unicorns into them?

  2. I think “seflies” are great! Especially when they are creative and interesting. However, I read somewhere that people who post more than once per day in social media have higher levels of narcissistic behavior than average and now I feel vaguely guilty. Great post!

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