Just Dount. A #ThinkKit Prompt

Today’s ThinkKit prompt was to write a mantra for the year ahead, how you’ll approach it, and what you wish it to be. One montra I wrote earlier this year was “Just Donut!”. It’s a combination of two of my favorite things, donuts and not making excuses.
This montra is also meant to make people smile when they hear it. Because let’s face it, you have to be a pretty dark souled person if you don’t smile when someone says the word donut. “Mmmmmmmmmm donuts.” ~ Homer Simpson
When I read social media posts that say “I hope to….” or “I really wish I could……” I will usually respond with just donut. “Don’t think, just do.” ~ Yoda. So many times, we’ve already prepared for the task in our head. I do this a lot too. We get caught on the hardest part of doing something new. Yes, we just need a kick in the ass to start. Once we start, the train is moving and it’s easier to keep the momentum going.
So many people are overcome by the entire project. They can’t see the beginning, the middle, or the end. They see a giant deathstar of a project that needs to be completed or they over analyze the entire project and become hesitant to start because they think they need more time to properly plan.
Next time you are working yourself up before starting a new project. Take a deep breath and just donut.

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