Heartland Film Festival- Death

“It looks like the other shows are kind of heavy Tuesday night.”
“I was thinking the same thing.”
“Oddly enough, the comedy playing is Death.”


It’s true the feature film I was able to see at this year’s Heartland Film Festival was, in fact, called, Death. And it was, in fact, comedy, of sorts. I mean, it was British, so the comedic flair was different, but there was for sure laughter.

Seeing a film during the Heartland Film Festival guarantees you’re going to see something that makes you think, and  feature talent you’ve never seen before. My selection was driven completely by my schedule- there were 118 films in this year’s festival and to see only one seems to not be fully taken advantage of what’s available.

Death is the story of siblings coming together after their estranged father’s death. As the story unfolds, the audience learns of what tore the family apart. Working on their eccentric’s father’s last invention turns out to be the thing that brings the three siblings back together.

Heartland offers many films that are appropriate for elementary aged children, and few that are appropriate for the whole family.

Did you make it to Heartland this year? What’s on your to-see list from this year’s program? I’ve heard good things about Starry, Starry Night,and hope to catch it in a theatre in the near future.

BgKahuna was kind enough to pass on a ticket voucher to me so I could attend this screening.

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