OMG Summer is Officially Over

Today, is the official last moment of summer for my two Little People. The exact moment will be when they’re buckled in the van and the sliding side door closes. Cutting them off from the summer air and breathing the fresh air of a new school year. First grade and preschool, I can get through this while taking less pictures than a foreign tourist at the Grand Canyon. Summer is done.

When you’re four and seven, time doesn’t mean much to you. I mean, at that age you have absolutely no concept of time. For example, my kids are picked up from school in the afternoon, and they will ask “How long until we get home?” while we take our regular route home. Time is a man made concept. Seriously, they know whether or not they’re going to school based on the time we wake MaM in the morning. If it’s early, we’re going to church or school Usually, The Fox is already up. I should make him wake MaM up in the morning.

After Michelle drops off the kids today, she will head north for a girls weekend during the week. I will have the kids by myself tonight and have to get them ready tomorrow morning for their second day of school. Lists have been made. Schedules have been written down on paper and placed in an obvious place so I will see it. I am not as good as Michelle is at motivating kids to get moving.

I hope I don’t mess this up and the school calls Michelle. I hope I can find The Fox’s school. I hope these two don’t try and overthrow my leadership to install an new routine of ice cream for dinner.
If you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, the Little Have revolted and the revolution is being televised.
Does anyone know what we are supposed to do for food until my wife returns? If you do, tweet me.

Take Care,

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