I Am Tired Of Being Fat


I am tired of being fat.
I am tired of clothes not fitting.
I tired of being one of the biggest people in the room.
I tired of people looking like I grew a second head when they hear I ran a marathon.
I am tired of always being sick.
I am tired of food having no taste.
I am tired of being tired.
I am fat as hell and not going to take it any more.

Today is a new day.
Today, I will start eating a nutritious diet.
Today, I will start being mindful of portions.
Today, I will make exercise part of my daily routine.
Today, I will consume less fast food.
Today, I will consume less soda. ( I’m fat, not crazy. I need my go-go juice.)
Today, I will work on me.
Today is here.
Today is a new beginning.


I want to see my children grow old.
I want to see my children graduate college.
I want my wife and I to see our children’s children.
I want to be active and not need a wheelchair.
I want to compete in the senior Olympics when I turn 51.

I don’t expect this to happen overnight. Positive lifestyle changes take time and lots of energy. The word “I” is used a lot in this post. That’s rare for me, even when playing the Kahuna character. This is my battle to win. For people like me, I know there are lots of you out there, obesity is a battle we have been losing. Because of stress or boredom, we eat. And eat until we are stuffed. I have to re-prioritize my life to make this happen or I am going to die before I reach fifty.

Even if I lose the weight, I will still be The BgKahuna.

Take Care and thank you for your support,


4 thoughts on “I Am Tired Of Being Fat

  1. Good for you!

    I find that tracking what I eat is a huge help. I use myfitnesspal. Feel free to add me as a friend there should you decide that using MFP would be a help.

    One step at a time. Good luck!

  2. I did it a couple years ago. I lost 44 pounds and gained about half of it back since then. I counted calories, but had help by taking a really powerful appetite suppressant. If I didn’t have that, I know that I’d want to eat all the time. I also eat out of boredom or when I’m stressed. It is definitely a lifestyle change that has to be kept up after you lose the weight. Unfortunately, I look for the quick fixes and I’m also a foodie. Neither make for very healthy choices. Anyhoo…I wish you lots of luck in your quest to be thinner and more healthy! Biggest piece of advice that I can offer is that if you screw up one day, go right back to making healthy choices the next day. Don’t get defeated and quit!

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