OMG, I Survived Dodge Ball

The Venus and Serena of dodge ball.

It was a strange game of dodge ball at the OK Corral. I survived the second week of dodge ball.  Last week, I was almost kicked out for swearing. This week I was kicked out for dropping the ball. Which I later found out from both the referees about that rule.  I tried to explain that kicking me out for that was cool because it’s just a game.  I am not going to go pro because I have a job.

This was a big game for our team.  Of all the games that we played, we won two games.  Yes, we won two games.  I was not at my best tonight.  I had to apologize to my team mates because I somehow pulled, not one but both my quads. This prevented me from running to the line and grabbing the balls. So, when I ran, I ran without bending my legs.  I looked like I had peg legs.  Not good.

I have a shot at most improved player if I can either go an entire game without getting knocked out or a game without getting knocked out first. Dare to dream.

Looking forward to next week’s game. Hopefully, they won’t try and trade me before them.



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