Indianapolis Super Bowl #Social46 Kick Off

The Indianapolis Super Bowl Count Down Clock

Last week I was selected to be one of the Indianapolis Super Bowl 46 Social Media Crew to help promote Indianapolis and the Super Bowl through Social Media.  This is something that a guy, who does not follow football, couldn’t believe.  I am honored to be able to do this.  The decision on who was selected was made by both and the Super Bowl Social Media Committee. Not sure how I got selected, but that’s ok with me.  I talked to one person who told me “I walked into the room and looked around and saw the Who’s Who of Indianapolis social media and thought ‘What the heck am I doing here?'”  I told him that I thought the exact same thing. When asked what I wanted to learn about this my only answer was to learn more about football.  Tonight, I learned the the two teams who play in the Super Bowl will be decided this weekend.

Butler Blue 2 and myself

So over the next two weeks, I get to help showcase the Super Bowl! Yay!

Some cool facts we learned last night at the #Social46 kickoff held at the Super Bowl Committees headquarters.

-This is going to be a connected Super Bowl. – Lots of social media.

-“Get Connected” is going to be one of the main campaigns.

-Butler Blue 2, The Butler mascot snores louder than I do.

-This is going to be a diverse group for the Super Bowl. They want to include everybody.

-The committee wants to exceed expectations.

-The committee want to improve on the Super Bowl legacy.

-There are going to be over 60 bands performing in ten days.

-There will be lights and fireworks every night.  You should be able to see the ‘beacon’ light for up to four miles.

-To follow the #Social46 stream on The Twitter


The crowd at #Social46

If you want to know what Super Bowl festivities are being held, check out the ‘Know Before You Go” website.

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I posted more pictures on The Facebook.

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