Happy Friday

I hope you have a great Friday.  I know it can be difficult when all these happy people are chirping around like little happy birds that you can’t catch to kill. But, you can Donut.  I know that you can Donut.  I have see you Donut.

If you have made it to the 50th word of this blog post, I am both shocked and surprised.  Tell me via Facebook, Twitter, or as a comment the best part of your week.  What ‘made’ your week?  I don’t want to hear about the bad crap.  Keep that crap to yourself.  Sometimes when I ask my kids the favorite part of their day, they want to dwell on the negative parts of their day. Then, I have to have them re-focus on the positive parts of their day.

So, your homework assignment is to tell me something positive/happy that made your week.  It could be anything.

For me. it was getting healthier and overcoming the pneumonia.  I am glad I kicked that bug.  It sucked. I also had fun reading stories to my kids.  They love books.

Take Care,

Be Happy,



4 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. For me it was helping my daughter move back to campus Sunday. She had hip surgery over the winter break and needed help getting her things back to her dorm. Her brother and I helped her out.

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